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20 Dec 2013

CALL for Applications - CROSSBREEDS 2014

Katrin Hornek/Im_flieger

CALL for Applications - CROSSBREEDS 2014 - Platform for artistic positions in between
Im_flieger - Artists Association


Deadline: January 6, 2014 Theme: Welcome to the time collage!

Anita Kaya

Berggasse 18720
1090 Vienna

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June 2–8, 2014
Deadline: January 6, 2014

CROSSBREEDS – Platform for artistic positions 'in between' since 2007 has biennially supported the research, production, and publication of trans-disciplinary artistic projects, networking of artists in boundary transcending art production, as well as theoretical and artistic exchange about specific questions on transmedial positions regarding art, the body, and politics.

Neoliberal politics has destroyed all forms of time standing in the way of a logic of efficiency and capital. In agricultural societies people depended on the rhythms of nature, in industrial society they have adapted to the abstract rhythm of ubiquitous machines. While the standards for the usage of time in an industrialised society were differentiated according to social strata, a pronounced situation-specific differentiation occurs today. Post-modern man faces the challenge of managing the number of possible situations and their varying timescapes. In order to do this, he continuously moves between internalised rhythms and routines, and the flexible and reflexive creation of individual time structures.

Welcome to the time collage!

CROSSBREEDS 2014 is in search of time. We're addressing contemporaries and contemporary witnesses who guide or accompany us on (historical) paths in the chocolate factory's surroundings. We attempt time jumps into the future and let ourselves be abducted into fictions of the present. We're calling zeitgeists to ramble and to linger, and are also applying to those timeworkers who withstand the total market and feel entitled to sleep in every now and then. We need keys to the doors of time capsules and are ready to let the nightfall come over us. You can mix and stir rhythms, and we're also ready for subtle shifts in everyday time perception. And please, let the bodies tell about time. How and wherein is time embodied? We've swallowed our timebombs, we're waiting for indefatigable electronic good noses and for those who won't have themselves lured onto that track.

In this spirit, artists and theoreticians of all kinds of fields are invited to devise and co- create with their contribution a time collage during a one-week field excursion from June 2 to 8, 2014 in and around the chocolate factory on Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel in Vienna/Austria.

We are looking for
Concept ideas/drafts or completed works in various formats of different durations and time settings: dance/performance, (short) film, video, installation, intervention, lecture, music, reading, photography, works in public space, as well as artistic and discursive expressions not found in the list above.

Outdoor-locations and indoor-spaces such as the former Stollwerk chocolate factory, Café Industrie, Stadtwildnis, Bruno Kreisky Park, the grass verge on Gürtel, Storage Room / My Space, Brick5 and the paths between them offer the potential to anchor time experiments there. On you find pictures and descriptions of the locations.

We offer

Rehearsing facilities, production cost grants / expense allowance, technical support, advertising, an exchange platform, and travelling costs within Austria.

Send applications until January 6, 2014
online at or
on paper at Im_flieger, Berggasse 18/20, 1090 Vienna, Austria (maximum one page A4/letter format)
Application form:

Independent Artists' Initiative
Free Space and Experimental Ground for Dance, Performance and Related Art Forms Berggasse 18/20, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Homebase: Im_flieger@Schokoladenfabrik, Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel 43-45/4C, 1120 Vienna, Austria,