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29 Oct 2013

C.A.M. Gallery Presents Murat Germen's ' Facsimile Vol.2'

Facsimile Vol.2 #1, 2013, detail

Facsimile Vol.2
C.A.M. Gallery


October 31st - November 30th 2013 Vernissage: October 31st 6:30 pm Opening Hours:Tue- Sat, 10:00am-6:30pm

Burcu Boylu
0090 212 2457975

C.A.M. Gallery
Sair Nedim Cad. No:25A
34357 Akaretler, Istanbul

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C.A.M. Gallery hosts Murat Germen's latest works under the 'Facsimile Vol.2' title on 31st of October 2013.

The artist, who exhibited challenging visual experimentations with his 'Muta-morphosis' series, continues his artistic practice on urban photography in his recent works. Both Muta-morphosis and Facsimile series focus on the perpetual transformation of the urban scenes. While the older series, i.e. Muta-morphosis, maximizes the urban content by shrinking very long panoramic photos into a photographic frame with a typical ratio; Facsimile on the contrary, extends certain parts of cities to attract attention to particular dynamics among various urban components.

It is not a coincidence to see Murat Germen focus on Turkey's 'present time'. Regardless of the subject, perspective or technique; the artist handles the cultural, economic and social geography shaped by New Turkey in such unexpected ways that his works forms a 'personalized' documentary approach, that is difficult to comprehend at first glance.


About C.A.M. Gallery

C.A.M. Gallery - standing for Contemporary Art Marketing – was established in 1992 by Sevil Binat. C.A.M. Gallery is one of the first Istanbul galleries that exclusively show the works of contemporary Turkish artists and chart the trends and concerns of the developing scene. The gallery actively participates in fairs and exhibitions abroad. The focus of the gallery is on works that are innovative and original. With a strong emphasis on supporting young artists, C.A.M. Gallery discovers new and vital works. Diversity is one of the foundations that the gallery had embraced. The multi-disciplinary approach, exhibiting a wide range of artists using various mediums, reflects the diverse interests of Sevil Binat. Moreover, C.A.M. is particularly proud to have been one of the first galleries in Istanbul, which exhibits photography. Binat says 'One of the founding principles of the gallery was to educate and to move its audience and clients – as well as to support its artists. The gallery strongly believes that, aside from its responsibility to the artists and collectors, it must help to guide the public through the shifting notions of what art is and to help cultivating both taste and awareness.