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11 Oct 2013

Netwerk / center for contemporary art: Opening Goele De Bruyn / concert Miaux

z.t.(les mains sales) 2011,
zeep verzameld in Peking, hout, karton, acrylverf, A4 papier
190x160x80 cm, 65x125x80 cm
credits: Goele De Bruyn

Goele De Bruyn: Clean Speech & Soap
Netwerk / center for contemporary art


FR 11.10 2013 – 20:00 Exhibition
FR 11.10 — SU 17.11 2013



Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Houtkaai z/n
9300 Aalst

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Opening solo exhibition Goele De Bruyn - Clean Speech & Soap
Performance Goele De Bruyn
Book launch Goele De Bruyn - Clean Speech
Concert Miaux

The work of Goele De Bruyn often plays upon the line between the functional and the non-functional. The profusion of possibilities for re-uses formulates a potential new beginning. De Bruyn often makes use of cleaning materials such as mops, garbage bags, handkerchiefs or soap: absorbent materials that emphasize cleansing, removal and protection. The artist herself philosophically sketches these elements of the creative process as 'mechanisms of consolation'.

During a continuous performance at the opening of her solo exhibition, De Bruyn will spontaneously affect her installation. In addition, the artist's book, Clean Speech, recently published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle, will also be presented.

Miaux is an Antwerp-based keyboard virtuoso whose micro music touches every melancholic soul. Her minimal and timeless music evokes Roedelius, Ruth White and electronic interpretations of baroque music. Simply played with two hands on an old-school Casio keyboard: a complete band in a Casio-unit!