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15 Oct 2013

Open Call for Submissions. International 1 Minute Video Competition

Image by Danae Stratou. Image created using video stills from the projects: Icesongs squared, Vital Space Istanbul and Cityparticles

RAISING AWARENESS IN 60'' : EAST | WEST - NORTH | SOUTH: Imperiled Vital Spaces
Vital Space


On Saturday, November 2nd Vital Space will present it's philosophy, aims and activities and will Screen the Winners of the 60' Video Competition in the context of the 4th Athens Biennale 2013 - AGORA Deadline to submit your 60' video expires at midnight (EST), October 30th, 2013 Location: National Bank of Greece Building, 8-10 Sofokleous str. Athens, Greece

Maria Papanikolaou

Vital Space
1 Sarri Street
Athens 105 54

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EAST | WEST - NORTH | SOUTH: Imperiled Vital Spaces

The global crisis that began in 2008 is still unfolding globally, affecting adversely lives and prospects. Social and economic implosion is emblematic of this 'negative engineering' process that affects every aspect of humanity's predicament. The debate on climate change has been hijacked by the 'imperatives' of restoring 'growth'. Governments and Central Banks put all their energy into reflating the finance and real estate bubbles. Migration patterns are shifting, with southern Europeans joining the migratory waves from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Inequality is receiving another boost, with poverty-driven dislocation emerging triumphant. New forms of wealth, especially in developing countries, emerge hand in hand with new forms of poverty. It is in this context that the artist's eye can help re-discover and protect precious but imperiled vital spaces.


Participants are requested to submit an original sixty-second (one minute) video that reflects the theme's spirit and helps raise awareness on our common predicament in this time of global crisis. Indeed, submissions from all over the world are encouraged, with our theme acting only as a general guide to the idea of a 'local collapse' following a global crisis.

Participants are asked to complete and to submit this electronic Registration Form (including a link to their video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting service website). The deadline expires at midnight (EST), October 30th, 2013