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08 Jan 2013

MA Social Design_Arts as Urban Innovation: Application for winter term 2013/14 now open

(c) Social Design

MA Social Design_Arts as Urban Innovation
University of Applied Arts/ Konservatorium Wien University


Application period for winter term 2013/14: 10.12.2012-25.01.2013 Entrance Exam: 25.02.-01.03.2013


University of Applied Arts/Konservatorium Wien University
Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2
1010 Vienna

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Joint MA SOCIAL DESIGN_Arts as Urban Innovation
The master programme is oriented towards graduates from diverse fields of study, thereby stipulating work in transdisciplinary teams as the central teaching and learning approach in the programme. On the basis of professional competences acquired in their respective previous studies, students become acquainted with transcending disciplinary codes and thinking and working in greater interrelationships. Art in synergy with project-related scientific methods and knowledge is seen as a tool for urban innovation.

Hard Facts - MA Social Design

Available: winter semester 2013/14
Duration and Scope: 4 semesters/ 120 ECTS
Graduation: 'Master of Arts' (MA)
Admission Requirements:
(a) graduation from a bachelor or equivalent programme at a recognised domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution
(b) proof of artistic aptitude in the framework of an entrance examination


Application is open from 10.12.2012 till 25.01.2013
The entrance examination consists of two parts. Positive assessment of the first part is a requirement for the second part of the examination. The entrance examination is passed when all parts of the examination have been positively assessed.

First Part of the Entrance Examination

Online Submission at (10.12.2012-25.01.2013)
(a) Application form
(b) Short biography: An overview of the applicant's previous qualifications, competences, and main fields of intra- and extracurricular activity
(c) Letter of motivation: Description of main personal interest in dealing with the complexity of urban systems and their implications within a mainly artistic-scientific based programme; Description of the applicant's own development perspective within the transdisciplinary programme structure (max. 4000 characters)

Second Part of the Entrance Examination
(25.02.-01.03.2013 at the Social Design Studio)
(a) Workshops and discussion of specified topics in different team constellations
(b) Interview on the basis of the letter of motivation