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28 Sep 2012

Luís Paulo Costa's project at EMPTY CUBE

© Luís Paulo Costa

'uma noite/one night'


'uma noite/one night' is a unique presentation. October 11th at 10 pm

João Silvério
+351 919379652

Rua Acácio de Paiva, 27 r/c
1700 - 004 Lisboa

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The project Luís Paulo Costa will bring to EMPTY CUBE on 11 October 2012 was especially conceived for the event of its single, unrepeatable presentation. The artist has created an installation, entitled 'uma noite' [one night], a designation evocative of the social elements in the memory of the celebration. What is left of one night can be displayed as a heap of leavings and leftovers. However, what that same night can project onto our imagination as a double of itself is part of Narcissus' metaphor. Yet, that reflection of itself or of what is left of it is nothing more than a play on the image's potential as a surface that conceals a skilful and painstaking pictorial operation. Painting becomes here a refocusing of the eye on the truth of images, a process that is quite independent from the objects it has used and their immediate meaning.

Following our nomadic profession, as of March 2009, Empty Cube will be located within Appleton Square ( - Rua Acácio Paiva, 27 R/c, 1700-004, Lisbon.

Luís Paulo Costa is the twenty-third artist to collaborate with EMPTY CUBE since its start, in October 2007.