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26 Sep 2012

GERARD RANCINAN Exhibiting at the Printemps de Septembre

Gérard Rancinan; Le Banquet des Idoles, 2012

From September 28 to October 21, 2012


Gérard Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault Festival of Contemporary Création – Printemps de Septembre HISTORY IS MINE! curator: Paul Ardenne

Sylvia Beder
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Les Abattoirs

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contemporary art festival in Toulouse

From September 28th to October 21st, Gérard Rancinan has been invited by the Printemps de Septembre exhibition to show his works at Toulouse's Abattoirs museum. The 2012 edition of the event has Marie-Thérèse Perrin as president and Régis Durand as director. Under the title 'History is mine!' the exhibition is being curated by art historian and critic Paul Ardenne.

The exhibition brings together some forty artists who, each in their own way, address the question of history today. Joining the line-up of leading international artists, as Mounir Fatmi, Mona Hatoum, Anselm Kiefer, Mc Dermott & Mc Gough, Pierre&Gilles or Wael Shawky, Gérard Rancinan has chosen a selection of his most striking photographs to illustrate his perception of history.

'Now considered as a major photographer, Gérard Rancinan defines himself as an 'alert witness to the metamorphoses of humanity
', says Paul Ardenne.

He uses his large-scale photographs to provide a fresh perspective on a history that he feels has become commonplace and overlooked, endeavouring to lift a veil on the changes affecting modern-day society. Gérard Rancinan constructs his work to produce 'mock-ups of our world'.

'I undertake the narrative work of an editorialist. I recount history, History with a capital H, the history of my contemporaries', explains Gérard Rancinan.

Anticipating the changes affecting our era, Gérard Rancinan works ceaselessly to find a new way of mapping out the social shifts that shape today's world.

For 'History is mine!', Paul Ardenne has selected several of Gérard Rancinan's photographs, including Liberty Unveiled. The photograph appropriates the famous La Liberté guidant le peuple (Liberty Leading the People) by Eugène Delacroix, that icon of the republican ideal. 'The work replaces Delacroix's figures with contemporary figures but retains a similar global dynamic. The scene is trashy, crepuscular, it speaks to us of battles and seems to tell us that, whether veiled or not, liberty remains as vital to us today as it was yesterday, and that liberty is what we keep need to keep striving for, indefatigably.'

11 – 31 October 2012

Opera Gallery, 115 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, USA

5 – 9 December 2012

During Art Basel Miami, Gérard Rancinan will present his work in an ephemeral gallery in the city.