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25 Sep 2012

Transart International Studio Art PhD: Call for Applications

International Studio Art PhD: Call for Applications
Transart Institute


Deadline: November 1st for entering the program in December

Drew Henmi
+1 (347) 410 9905

Transart Institute
228 Park Ave. South
New York 10003

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International Studio Art PhD: Call for Applications

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Transart Institute is offering a low-residency PhD program for advanced studio art. The PhD at Transart is a three year full time degree program with an average work commitment of 30 hours per week, validated by the University of Plymouth, UK. The degree is offered exclusively for practice-based research (creative work) accompanied by a written thesis.

Artists interested in entering the PhD program should send a detailed proposal no later than November 1, 2012 to: The admissions process is explained online. LINK:

Transart is particularly keen on encouraging proposals that relate to its research clusters: Memory, Forgetting, Trauma and the Archive; Language/Image; Art and Social Technologies; International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism; Role of Art in Peace, Meditation, Performance Activism; Land and Sea; Liminality, Space/Place, Temporary Architecture; and Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny.

Transart Institute is an international program. Summer residencies take place in cooperation with arts organizations in Europe. Winter residencies take place in New York at various arts initiatives and galleries.

Transart Institute
As the Unschool Art School, Transart grew out of a desire to go beyond established institutional education where pre-formed and pre-formatted knowledge is passed on to all students in the same way. Transart works the other way around: a plethora of models and diverse input in a multi-perspective environment form a truly student-driven program.

Applications will be accepted until November 1, 2012 for entering the program at the Transart Winter Residency in New York in December 2012.

Contact and further information
For more information please visit:
To schedule an appointment with faculty please email Drew Henmi:

Transart Institute
Mail: 228 Park Ave. South
New York, NY 10003
+1 (347) 410 9905