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19 Sep 2012

New Videos by Cristina Nuñez: Someone To Love / Higher Self, The Philosophy

© Cristina Nuñez

Someone To Love / Higher Self, The Philosophy
H2O Gallery


Someone To Love, Diaporama, 24'20' Higher Self, The Philosophy, 23'5'

Joaquim Ruiz Millet
+34 934151801

H2O Gallery
Carrer Verdi 152
08012 Barcelona

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H2O Gallery is pleased to announce the official publication on the internet of the videos 'Someone To Love' and 'Higher Self' by Cristina Nuñez. Both works are now available for the public on the author's Vimeo Profile.

The two works, created as part of the itinerant exhibition 'Someone To Love' -shown for the first time in 2011 at the Mois de la Photo in Montreal- have been now officially launched on the popular social network Vimeo and are available in four languages. In order to break down any barrier between the artistic creation and the audience the artist exhorts to 'experience and share them' that allows a multi-level experience.

'Someone To Love', a diaporama, is a collection of the self-portraits taken by Nuñez during her lifetime. The voice of the artist leads the spectator through the story of her family, her childhood, her turbulent adolescence marked by her heroin addiction, her relationships but also the discovery of the self-portrait as a tool for self-therapy.

Cristina Nuñez's mission actually consists in spreading her message as we can see on the second video, 'Higher Self', which is focused on her neo-humanist philosophy. In this video she exposes her thought and her method named 'The Self-Portrait Experience ©', through which people can get in touch with their own creative Self 'converting pain into pure art' using photography.

Both videos are magnifying glasses on the real needs of human beings, which are constantly frustrated by a material society, too focused on material growth.

Extracts from the article: 'Cristina Nuñez, Art and social activism. Her videos on the Internet', Wall Street International Magazine (online), September 6th 2012, by Silvia Giorgetti.

Event supported by H2O Gallery, Barcelona