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01 Sep 2012

Art That Iterates at Macy Art Gallery, Columbia University

Bot Study_2, Kathleen J Graves, 2012

Art That Iterates
Teachers College, Columbia University


Opening: September 7, 2012, 5-8 PM Fri Curated by Sean Justice Macy Art Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University Program in Art and Art Education, Dr. Judith M. Burton, Director Subway #1 to Columbia University -116th Street, Bus - M4 & M104 on Broadway, M11 on Amsterdam Avenue

Sean Justice, Digital and Emerging Media Art Education
001 212 678-3925

Teachers College, Columbia University
525 West 120th Street, Macy Hall 444
New York, NY 10027

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Art that Iterates explores change as a condition of the artist's way of knowing, making and doing. Everywhere it seems, change is the cultural constant. For artists, material playfulness bounces across the threshold that separates technology from craft, pictures from sculpture and toys from jokes, from poetry. Art that Iterates celebrates this remix condition, prompting reconsideration of the artifact itself, with works that smear the boundaries between art/non-art. mediate/immediate. and viewer/participant.

What is an open art? What is an art that becomes itself as a condition of its being? How can immanence, as a characteristic, be present in a work of art?

The problem is that art resolves as a condition of its being. The picture, sculpture, symphony, is: in the gallery or the concert hall the work exists complete, passive, awaiting only a viewer. But in the studio, the work becomes. As artists we approach a kind of blankness, call out to it, fall into it, sometimes tentatively and sometimes passionately, but full of wonder and delight and mystery and agony. As artists this fullness is the condition of art that echoes most profoundly and keeps us longing for...what? What is the object of art's longing? Can we speak of a longing that is not defined by an end-point? Can the openness of this evolving, not-yet-final condition be sustained?

Maxine Green and John Dewey (among many others) argue that the artist's way of knowing is rooted in openness, an ever-new becoming, an immanent exploration that releases the imagination. As artists we strive after this kind of making--this knowing that is never satisfied. But as actors in the world we recognize its collapse. That is, again and again we satisfy ourselves with an art that is finished. Is there a doing that remains undone?

Opening: September 7, 2012, Friday, 5 - 8 PM through September 28

Artists: Beatriz Albuquerque, Kathleen J Graves, Erol Gunduz, Sina Haghani, Ethan Ham, Géraldine de Haugoubart, Daniel Iglesia, Richard Jochum, Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman, Doran Massey, Sherry Mayo, Robin Michals, Jackie Pavlik, Nandita Raman, Bill Schuck, Jordan Seiler, Matt Siber, Felisia Tandiono, Daniel Temkin, Penelope Umbrico.

Curated by Sean Justice