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14 Jun 2012

60°N 05°E (encased waterside) - a new outdoor light sculpture by Thorsten Goldberg

Thorsten Goldberg, 60°N 05°E (encased waterside), 2012

Mirrored inner city fjord in Bergen / Norway - a new outdoor light sculpture by Thorsten Goldberg


A shiny silver panel lying on the landscape measuring 450 m² has been covering since June 2012 the stony shore of an inner city fjord in Bergen / Norway. The Berliner artist Thorsten Goldberg, well-known for his work in public space, has exactly aligned his new work 60°N 05°E (encased waterside) to the earth‟s coordinate system. It describes the area between 60°22'52.55'N / 60°22'51.8'N and 05°20'01.24'E / 05°20'02.32'E.

Nicole Loeser

City of Bergen
Kong Oscars gate
5017 Bergen

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Composed of 800 individual polished stainless steel triangles it perfectly adapts to the topography of the ground. In that place now all elements seem to dissolve into each other. By changing tides the often faceted surface is partially covered by water, and reflects both the water and the sky. Once the object is provided with a pulse of light at dusk, the panel seems to be transferred to a glider.

On June 15th, 2012 at noon the outdoor sculpture
60°N 05°E (encased waterside) by Thorsten Goldberg will be inaugurated as part of the 'Bybanen Art Program' in Bergen / Norway.
Kindly supported by The City of Bergen; Hordaland County; KORO (Public Art Norway).

On July 15th, 2012 the Gerisch Foundation in Neumünster, Germany will open Thorsten Goldberg‟s solo exhibition 54°4min (Exhibition: 15/07/2012 – 10/02/2013), which is touring then in 2013 to additional exhibition venues (Laznia - Center for Contemporary Art, Gdansk and Municipal Gallery Viersen).

Parallel to his exhibitions a comprehensive catalog of works titled „54°4min' will be published by DISTANZ Verlag, edited by Martin Henatsch, Herbert-Gerisch-Foundation.
Content: Localization in Paradise: Coordinates of the Utopian.

The work of Thorsten Goldberg (b. Dinslaken 1960; lives and works in Berlin) represents an important contribution to the evolution of art in the public sphere, whose classical localization he suspends by removing crucial determinants in favor of a utopian dimension. 54°4min. tells the story of a journey to places that embody the yearnings of our time. By proffering definitions of places that are as specific as they are deliberately incomplete, Goldberg unfolds the spectrum of his artistic reflection before us: from the historic Land of Cockaigne to the virtual palm-lined beach adorning a screensaver, from directions guiding us along the 54th parallel to far-off islands and the radiant cloud we might follow to reach remote paradises. The exhibition, which will be on display at three exhibition institutions in Germany and Poland, represents the first major retrospective of the oeuvre of this multimedia artist. The book offers glimpses of Goldberg's work in several media; it portrays realized as well as unrealized works in public space, objects, photographs, drawings, and video works.
With contributions by Jadwiga Charzynska, Kristin Danger, Eulalia Domanowska, Martin Henatsch and Nicole Loeser.

About the artist:
The visual artist Thorsten Goldberg lives in Berlin and is realizing projects in public space throughout Europe (
He taught at art academies in Münster, Munich, Linz, and most recently as Professor of Art and Media in Kiel.
As a member of various committees for public art, he is involved in selection and organization of competitions and of documentation and archiving of art projects in public space.
Thorsten Goldberg is a member of the Advisory Committee on Art in Berlin, spokesman for the Bureau of art in public space of the cultural work of the BBK Berlin and is the founder and co-editor of 'Public Art Wiki, an imagined library', the Internet lexicon of art in public space