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05 Jun 2012

Visit Rīga with a totally different guide!

Beautiful and extraordinary way how to travel! Check out 'Another Travel Guide Rīga' book
Another Travel Guide


A totally different guide, 'Another Travel Guide Rīga', has been published in Russian, English and German. Japanese edition coming soon!


Another Travel Guide
Lāčplēša str. 75-4
LV-1011, Riga

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An eight-centuries-old history that echoes through the reality of today; an intense and contemporary cultural scene; creativity and a multi-national background. The above form an aggregate that seems enticing to anyone who, in their wanderings through strange cities, longs to find both the past of a place and the intense wave of modern life. Riga, the largest capital of the Baltic States and the upcoming European Culture Capital for 2014, is currently the hottest stop on the must-visit list of every cultural tourist.

The fresh and extraordinary book, Another Travel Guide Rīga, is an irreplacable aid for the potential traveler, not to mention the handbook of choice for cultural tourists. The latest edition has just come out in Russian, and in June the Japanese edition will see the first light of day (Another Travel Guide Rīga is also available in German and English).

This is not the typical glossy guidebook that nearly every city in the world has on offer. This is something different – an insiders' look, not only at the main sights but also at unknown, mysterious or romantic places in and around Rīga. With artistic flair, the authors share their best secrets and reveal the special places they've come to love the most, to those who want to discover the real Rīga and its hidden attractions.

Simply put, Another Travel Guide Rīga offers a completely different look at Rīga that sets it apart from ordinary guidebooks. Readers are encouraged to experience the city's diversity, starting with its iconic sites and ending with charming places on the periphery, which tourists almost never see. Those places known and adored by true insiders are a central feature.

The book's authors are the fashion and travel journalist Una Meistere, the art critic and curator Daiga Rudzāte, and the artist Kirils Kirasirovs. The guide is being published by the Internet magazine for independent travellers and the Indie cultural projects agency.

The team that put together Another Travel Guide Rīga is made up of true insiders – artists, architects, businesspeople, journalists and photographers who love the town they live in. It's a guide to the best hotels, museums, cultural facilities, cafés, restaurants, shops and local habits, but it's also a book of unusual artistic value. It unveils a great city with a different and creative visual approach.