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18 May 2012

Dias&Riedweg at Bahia Museum of Modern Art

Estranhamente Possível
Bahia Museum of Modern Art


Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg: Estranhamente Possível May 19th, to July 22th Opening on May 18, 7:00 p.m Casarão and Capela of MAM-BA

Geraldo Moniz | Janaina Rocha | Thaís Seixas | Luiz Oliveira Filho
+ 55 71 3117 6137

Bahia Museum of Modern Art
Av Lafayete Coutinho, s/n
40015160 Salvador

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MAM-BA presents the first single-artist exhibition of Dias & Riedweg at Salvador

The Bahia Museum of Modern Art (MAM-BA) presents Estranhamente Possível, the first single-artist exhibition of Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg at Salvador, from May 18th, to July 22th, 2012. The exhibition brings together an outstanding selection of audiovisual artworks produced all over the world, including the brand new 'Água de Chuva no Mar', made throughout the 1-month art residency in Bahia, with the local and museum-neighbor community: Comunidade Solar do Unhão.

Estranhamente Possível includes a combination of six artworks made between 2002-2012: the video installations 'Deus é Boca' (2002), 'Juksa' (2006), 'A Casa' (2007) and 'Paraíso Cansado' (2008); the set of photographs 'O Jardim' (2008) and the unprecedented project 'Água de Chuva no Mar', a work that offers a view of society´s paradoxes and collective memory.

A complete educational program had been prepared by the Bahia Museum of Modern Art to be shown to the public during the exhibition period. On May 19th, Jörg Heiser, editor of Frieze Magazine, will participate in a meeting alongside the artists and Stella Carrozzo, MAM-BA´s director.