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13 May 2012

CCANW launch year-long Games People Play programme

'British and Foreign Birds' 1820, board game by William Darton
Engraving on paper with linen backing. Private collection

Games People Play
Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World


Exhibition Part One: 6 April-30 September Open Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm Admission free

Clive Adams
0044 (0)1392 832277

Haldon Forest Park
Exeter EX6 7XR

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The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) in South West England celebrates the Olympic year with 'Games People Play' a fascinating new programme of exhibitions and activities in two parts.  Part One, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, runs from 6 April-30 September 2012.

The exhibition will feature replicas of games dating from 2600 BC, and include a selection of remarkable original board games from 1780 – 1918 which were created as guides to moral improvement or used to educate the players and teach everything from morals, to arithmetic and geography.

'The board games are fascinating records of cultural history and have rarely been on view to the public, ' explains Clive Adams, Director CCANW.  'They are part of a range of exhibitions and activities which explore what games tell us about human nature, and how a deeper understanding of the advantages of cooperation can help us address the needs of our planet at this time. ''

Contemporary local games will be represented by an exciting display of curious games such as the Pot Walloping Festival at Westward Ho, Worm Charming at Blackawton, and many more. Photography and film documenting these eccentric games will be exhibited with a dynamic digital display within the gallery space.

Alongside the static exhibition the CCANW is running many gaming projects. From games which simulate conflict, like Guy Debord's 'The Game of War' and H.G. Wells' 'Little Wars', both reconstructed by Class Wargames, to outdoor games that will be devised outside the Centre and the wider forest environment.

In addition, CCANW has commissioned an innovative project with the The Games Investigation Board – aka The Moveable Feast Workshop Co – who will be working with communities to discover local games and invent new cooperative games for the 21st century.
On 15 April, CCANW will celebrate the Hindu spring festival 'Holi' with storytelling and exuberant paint throwing.

See for more details and a full programme of events.