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13 Feb 2012

Discover The Madness of Art

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New Art World Comedy Webseries
Season 3: Episode 2


Season 3: Episode 2 'Sal Hawkins'

Jim Kempner

Jim Kempner Fine Art
501 W 23rd Street
New York
United States

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Catch up on all three seasons! 27 Episodes!

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'If you've been to Chelsea, you know Kempner's gallery occupies the contemporary structure at the corner of 10th Avenue and 23rd Street. In addition to publishing prints and art dealing, Kempner is the creator and usually the star, of a series of hilarious videos about the New York art world.' -Joanne Materna Art Blog

The webisodes 'are freaking hilarious.'
-The Great God Pan Is Dead Blog

'Best link ever!'
-Art Fag City

-Mark Kostabi

Jim Kempner 'comes across as sometimes crafty, often befuddled, and always ready to cut a deal.'
-Mona Molarsky for ARTnews

'Episodes are humorous and surprisingly realistic.'

'Fortunately, there's a much more realistic (and hysterical!) portrait of the art world creating buzz via the Internets. A portrait that's funny because it's so true. Dealer Jim Kempner... a comic genius, has produced a series of video shorts called The Madness of Art. Each is a gem.'
-Edward Winkleman's art blog

'I can't get off the floor'
-Craig Zammiello, Master Printer

'Kempner and his gallery director, Dru Arstark, display an uncanny gift for natural comic timing.'

'Long live the madness of Jim Kempner.' -The Art Newspaper