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21 Feb 2012

envoy enterprises: FG.Ft (Fad Gadget, Frank Tovey)

Fad Gadget, Frank Tovey

FG.Ft (Fad Gadget, Frank Tovey)
envoy enterprises


March 1 – EXHIBITION Opening Reception 6 - 8 pm – envoy enterprises
March 3 – LIVE PERFORMANCES 10:30 pm– Dixon Place
March 10 – SCREENING, Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey – Anthology Film Archives
Exhibition closes 8 April, 2012

Matthew Arkell
+ 1-212-226-4552

envoy enterprises
131 Chrystie Street, ground floor
New York, NY 10002

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envoy enterprises, in collaboration with NP Contemporary Art Center and Mute Records, is pleased to present FG.Ft, a three-part project series in homage to Frank Tovey – founder of the 1970s/1980s British electronic group Fad Gadget, marking the 10 year anniversary of the pioneer's death. Summoning a diverse group of artists and musicians who have been both directly and indirectly influenced by Tovey, the series will take place from March 1st through to April 8th, 2012 featuring a group exhibition, live music performances, and a film screening. All events are free and open to the public.

FG.Ft was inspired in 2010 by the film Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey, a documentary produced by the Frank Tovey Estate and Mute, and directed by Morgan Tovey Frost. The documentary incited the possibility of paying tribute to a pioneer of the underground and post-punk music scenes who incorporated innovative electronic textures, Kafka-esque lyrics, and elaborately visceral performances. Known to perform tarred and feathered while hitting drum pads with his head, Tovey's most influential tracks include 'Ricky's Hand', 'Collapsing New People' and 'Life On The Line'. The exhibitions taking place this March mark the 10 year anniversary of Frank Tovey's passing and commemorates his work and influence as an artist.

March 1 thru April 8 - Group exhibition on view at envoy enterprises which will feature works by 27 artists. Some will be new works inspired by Frank Tovey and specifically made for FG.Ft. Full artist list below. The opening reception is on Thursday, March 1, 6-8pm.

March 3 at 10:30pm – Live performances by Xeno & Oaklander and Ike Yard at Dixon Place as part of the music program.

March 10 at 8:00pm - Fad Gadget by Frank Tovey, directed by Morgan Tovey, will make its US premiere at Anthology Film Archives along with short films from artists in the exhibition.

Show catalog and flyer will be available for purchase along with CD released by Mute Records of rare archived material from Fad Gadget. To purchase please contact

All events are free and open to the public on a first come, first serve basis.