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11 Dec 2012

Vladimir Houdek winner of the Jindrich Chalupecky Award 2012

Vladimir Houdek, Untitled, 2012, oil and paper on canvas, 60 x 48 cm

Vladimir Houdek received the Jindrich Chalupecky Award for the 2012, selected by international jury with Christian Rattemeyer (MOMA, New York) as chairman


Filip Polansky

Stefanikova 43a
15000 Prague
Czech Republic

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Vladimir Houdek received the Jindrich Chalupeky Award 2012, the most prestigious award for artists up to 35, in the Czech Republic.


chairman: Christian Rattemeyer (MOMA, New York)
Rainer Fuchs (MuMOK, Vienna)
Milena Bartlova (art historian, CZ)
Daniel Balaban (artist, CZ)
Edith Jerabkova (curator, CZ)
Georg Schöllhammer (Springerin, Vienna)
Tomas Lahoda (artist, CZ)

The Statement of the Jury

The jury wants to begin by acknowledging the consistently high quality of presentation exhibited by all five finalists. The jury thanks the Brno House of Arts for their professional and generous organization.

The field of finalists offered a broad range of artistic languages, strategies of installation and narrative interests. The final decision was determined not by a preference of one media over another but rather by a recognition of the potential for departure and development the exhibited works hold.

After a spirited and considerate debate the jury selected Vladimir Houdek as this year's winner. While several finalists produced new work for the exhibition, the jury was particularly impressed with Houdek's ability to bring together risk and ambition with resolution and scale.

Houdek belongs to a generation of artists who continue to engage the ambivalent and sometimes problematic heritage of modernism. While we recognize that this position in itself may read as ambivalent it continues to generate new forms and formal solutions.

Vladimir Houdek is represented by POLANSKY GALLERY