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29 Nov 2012

Living and Working Together/Nesting Togetherness - Kunsthuis SYB at Kunstvlaai, Festival of Independents Amsterdam

Lea Porsager, 'The Anatta Experiment' 2012

Public Program of Kunsthuis SYB at Kunstvlaai, Festival of Independents 2012
Kunsthuis SYB


Saturday December 1, Time 2 - 6pm As part of: Kunstvlaai, Festival of Independents 2012 (former) Sint Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam Prinses Irenestraat 21 1077 WT Amsterdam The Netherlands

Suzie Herman
0031(0)6 29399969

Kunsthuis SYB
Hoofdstraat 70
9244 CP Beetsterzwaag
The Netherlands

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Why do artists choose to do a residency? In what way does the structure of a residency differ from other existing supporting structures for artists, such as the gallery, the project space, the academy or the studio? How can a residency contribute to the development of the artists today?

These are some of the key questions of 'Living and Working Together/Nesting Togetherness', the two Public Talks dedicated to residency models and experiences organized by Kunsthuis SYB in the framework of Kunstvlaai, Festival of Independents 2012 (Amsterdam).

We welcome you to join us!


Saturday 1 December, Time: 2 - 6pm

Time: 2 - 3pm
'Living and Working Together' – featuring art historian Brian Dudley Barrett, plus art theorists and curators Lisa Mazza and Laura Windhager.

Towards the end of the 19th century, village art colonies were extremely popular across Europe. They were not rustic retreats for dreamers, but – as Brian Dudley Barrett describes – highly-motivated international forums for experiment and debate. Taking inspiration from his recent book ('Artists on the Edge: The Rise of Coastal Artists' Colonies, 1880-1920', 2010), Barrett will talk about the ideological and practical reasons that led to the development of these rural communities.

Lisa Mazza
and Laura Windhager have recently graduated at the Visual Cultures Department of Goldsmiths University London with their dissertation 'How to Live Together? How to Work Together? On Residencies as Sites of Community and Production'. Here at the Kunstvlaai, they will concentrate on questions of production and representation within contemporary residency programmes, as well as the reciprocity between infrastructure and artistic production in those given spaces.

3.30pm break

Time: 4 - 6pm
'Nesting Togetherness' – with artists Noa Giniger and Lea Porsager, curator Yael Messer and philosopher Marco Pasi.

Noa Giniger:
'Ecstatic + Streaming', book and project presentation.
'Ecstatic + Streaming' is the title of the book recently published by Noa Giniger, which concludes and translates 'Zimmer for FAB' into a printed form. This was a project started at SYB in 2011. During her residency at Beetsterzwaag, Giniger invited six fellow artists from different countries to stay with her — each for one week — for an in-situ dialogue. For the artist, the act of spending time together in 'a domestic vacation' at SYB becomes a way to examine notions of time and leisure within the artistic process.

Lea Porsager: 'The Anatta Experiment', film screening and project presentation.
'The Anatta Experiment' revolves around Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland. In the early 1900s, this hill served as a lodestone for spiritual rebellion, attracting anarchists, free love advocates, Dadaists, theosophists, psychoanalysts, and occultists, all rejecting an increasingly materialistic society. In the late summer of 2011, Lea Porsager invited seven friends to Casa Anatta, Monte Verità's principal building, in its final moments before undergoing major restoration. Initially inspired by the rich and dense history of the site, the project soon became an experiment in itself. 'The Anatta Experiment' is a film and an installation realised for and presented at documenta13 this year.

Curator Yael Messer and philosopher Marco Pasi will comment respectively on the works by Noa Giniger and Lea Porsager. Angela Serino will moderate the talk.

The Public Talks 'Living and Working Together'/'Nesting Togetherness' are part of a series of lectures, workshops and presentations organized by Kunsthuis SYB at Kunstvlaai, Festival of Independents 2012.
To see the whole program, please visit:

The project is curated by Angela Serino and Maritt Serena Kuipers, both members of SYB's programming committee. Production: Suzie Hermán. SYB´s booth design: Sandra Kassenaar and Niels Vis.

The programme of Kunsthuis SYB at the Kunstvlaai is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, the Province of Friesland and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.