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23 Nov 2012

guest_*talk by Christoph Sigrist and Gregor Tolusso
at F+F Zurich

Art and Church - the guest_*talks series 2012/13
F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich


The F+F guest_*talks series 2012/13

Sabine Troendle, F+F Art Department
+41 44 444 18 88

F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich
Flurstrasse 89
8047 Zurich

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012, 7 pm
Christoph Sigrist and Gregor Tolusso:
Picture Lust & Picture Frust – On Liturgical Life with Art

“An empty room as a place of fulfilling encounters with aesthetic or religious-induced transcendental experiences creates scope for diverse depictions of what is not visible. This generates both lust and frust in questions on depictions in a sacred room.” (Chr. Sigrist)
“Anyone who enters the church inevitably feels addressed by the colors and the breadth of the room. The intense luminosity invites you to initiate a spiritual experience or to open yourself to one.” (G. Tolusso)
Two clergymen, two central and major churches, two prominent artistic designs in recent times: How does art get into the church? How do you live with it routinely? How does it infiltrate the institution? How does the balancing act between liturgical celebration and a touristic visiting program come about? Where does the autonomous artwork dominate the location? A discussion moderated by F+F Rector Andreas Vogel.
Christoph Sigrist (*1963), theologian, Zurich. Since 2003 pastor at the Grossmünster Zurich and lecturer for diaconal studies at the Theological Faculty of the University of Bern. Gregor Tolusso (*1965), theologian, Bern. Since 2001 priest at the center city rectory of the Holy Trinity in Bern.
Art & Church – The Guest_*Talks Series 2012/13
The new guest_*talks series by the F+F School of Art and Media Design Zurich is devoted to the theme of art and the church. In various lectures and moderated panel discussions, a subject is sounded out that, in the end, is as important as it is compelling. How does the historically evolved and significant relationship stand today between art and church, a relationship that is no longer a matter of course and has become in part problematic? On what current basis does an association exist between the church as an institution and a concrete site and art? And why—in view of the existing breaches in this relationship—are artists still ongoing in their interest in liturgical ceremonies, rituals and representational techniques? We are interested in the question of the meaning, the possibility and the function of contemporary art inside the church as well as within the liturgy.
In addition, there is the phenomenon of so-called “free churches” that, as partly worldwide denominations, have over the past years acted in an interventionist way in social and political spheres, i.e., places where, since the 1970s at the latest, art has also been active; these sometimes para-religious groups have launched representational forms that operate in a pop-cultural, aesthetic, as well as economist way. And vice versa, also of interest in this series is the church as a secularized site for parties and events and the ensuing dialectic relationship of stipulation and use, while in the meantime consecrated churches have recently become headline news when they operated as a platform for artistic actions.
Full informations:
Evangelisch-methodistische Kirche Zürich 4,
Stauffacherstrasse 54, 8004 Zürich.
The events are open to the public and entrance is gratis.
The bar opens at 6.30 pm. Lectures begin at 7 pm.
Events last 1½ hours.