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21 Nov 2012

Fotomuseum Winterthur: STILL SEARCHING goes Science

Kelley Wilder leads 'Still Searching' away from the art world
Fotomuseum Winterthur


Professor Kelley Wilder writes for Fotomuseum Winterthur's blog STILL SEARCHING From November 1 till December 15, 2012 To read and comment go to


fotomuseum (at)

+41 52 234 10 60
+41 52 233 60 97

Fotomuseum Winterthur
Grüzenstrasse 44+45
CH-8400 Winterthur (Zurich)

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Until December 15 our new blogger Kelley Wilder is going to turn the conversations on Still Searching away from the art world and toward an area where photographic practices abound: 'The rich and intertwined histories of photography and science give us access to the voices and opinions of photographic insiders who have been written off as outsiders. The remainder of my blog will continue to look at the confluences and interdependences of photography and science in order to shed light on what some of these shifts might mean for studying and writing about photography.'

In her second blog post, Kelley Wilder approaches the field of the (in) visible and asks the poignant question: 'What then, does photography reveal when it makes invisible things visible? I would argue that it doesn't reveal anything; it is not a passive conductor of invisible reality to the eyes of scientists. Instead, scientific photographs construct objects in complicated ways that reflect the nature of the questions asked by the scientist/photographer, the technology of the time, and the particulars of the experiment.'

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