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06 Nov 2012

Image and Language Research Conference at Royal College of Art, London

Melencolia1, Olivier Richon

The Shadow of Language
Royal College of Art School of Fine Art


Rebecca Whitmore

Royal College of Art
Dyson Building
1 Hester Road
London, SW11 4AS

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The Shadow of Language brings together thinkers and artists from the UK and China. The conference aims to discuss the rich relations between the verbal and the visual, with particular reference to the still and the moving image. It will provide a research context for a reflection upon the persistence and the necessity of shadows in art and in language. It seeks to call into question the demands for clarity, efficiency and instrumentality that produce a shadowless world.

Wednesday 21 November: 10.00am - 17.00pm
Introduction by Ute Meta Bauer and Olivier Richon, Royal College of Art.

Keynote: Marina Warner, University of Essex
Mark Nash, Royal College of Art; Jananne Al Ani, London College of Communication; Isaac Julien, Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe; Lv Shengzhong, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing; Zheng Bo, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou.

18.00pm Opening of The Unseen, offsite project of The Fourth Guangzhou Triennial
Gao Shiqiang, Lu Yang, Xiao Yu, Wang Yuyang.

Thursday 22 November: 10.00am - 17.00pm

Keynote: Alexander Garciá Düttmann, Goldsmiths College

Mitra Tabrizian, University of Westminster; Gao Shiqiang, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou; Francette Pacteau, Royal College of Art.

In-conversation Talk on the Fourth Guangzhou Triennial, the Unseen
Between curator Jiang Jiehong and artists Gao Shiqiang, Lu Yang, Wang Yuyang and Xiao Yu.

The 6th Annual Conference of the Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) in collaboration with Image and Language Research, Royal College of Art (RCA).

Conference convened by Olivier Richon, RCA and Jiang Jiehong, BIAD

Tickets £25 per day

Academic partners: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, China Academy of Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Centre for Chinese Visual Arts, Guangzhou Triennial, Royal College of Art