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25 Oct 2012

THE ART OF MEDIATION - international symposium at tranzit. hu, Budapest

THE ART OF MEDIATION - international symposium
tranzit. hu


Dates: 26-27 October, 2012 Venue of the symposium: Krétakör Bázis Gönczy Pál. utca 2., H-1093 Budapest, Hungary

Vera Simon
+36 30 5702034
+36 1 315 2615

Mayakovsky 102 - tranzit. hu open office
Király utca 102. 1st floor
H-1068 Budapest

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The Art of Mediation - International symposium on the relation of critical pedagogy and contemporary art

As a conclusion to the project 'Artists at Schools' tranzit. hu presents an international symposium entitled 'The Art of Mediation', which looks at the relationship between art and education.

With this symposium we would like to investigate how knowledge, authority, power and artistic thinking may interact. The relation of art and education is discussed, on the one hand, on the institutional level with presentations examining the role of art institutions and the 'educational turn' in the art field, alternative and critical pedagogical models in connection with art educational models; student movements and initiatives from the 1960s until today. On the other hand the event focuses on the possibilities of collaboration between artists and young people with regards to interpersonal communication, matters of positioning, knowledge production, mediation, and experiencing.


October 26, 2012, Friday 10 am - 4 pm

Community Projects of Art Institutions and Alternative Education Models
Eva Egermann (artist, researcher, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna), Janna Graham (educator, researcher, curator, Serpentine Gallery, London), Tímea Junghaus (art historian, curator, European Roma Cultural Foundation, Budapest), Maria Lind (curator, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm), Marion von Osten (artist, researcher, curator, Berlin), Andrea Gruber (educational expert, Pressley Ridge Foundation Budapest), Erika Lakatos (artist), Péter Bogdán (educator), Attila Tordai S. (curator, tranzit. ro, Cluj), Melinda Kovai - Eszter Neumann (social researchers, Anblokk Assocation for Cultural and Social Studies Budapest).

October 26, 2012, Friday 7 pm - 9 pm
What Do You Mean by That?
Community debate event about the relationship between art and education with Hungarian and international participants (in Hungarian)
Participants: lecturers of the symposium and the audience
Moderator: Ádám Bethlenfalvy, actor, drama teacher

27 October 2012, Saturday 10 am - 2 pm
Artistic Tools in Education
Anna Harding (art historian, curator, SPACE London), Artists at School pilot project leaders: Zsolt Keserue, Lilla Khoór, Ágnes Szabics, Péter Szabó; Solvita Krese (curator, Latvian Center for Contemporary Art, Riga), Nóra L Ritók (Igazgyöngy [Real Pearl] Foundation, Berettyóújfalu), Áprád Schilling (artistic director, Krétakör Budapest)

Concept: Judit Angel, Dóra Hegyi, Lilla Khoór
Curators: Dóra Hegyi, Lilla Khoór
Project coordinator: Vera Simon

Main partner of tranzit is Erste Stiftung
The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation