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18 Oct 2012

Kosmos Klein: Editions from the Erhard-Klein-Collection

Logo created by Kai Althoff

Kosmos Klein: Editions from the Erhard-Klein-Collection
Provinz Editions, Projects


Opening reception Sa, October 20th 7-10pm Beuys, Kippenberger, Knoebel, A. Oehlen, Palermo, Polke, Richter

Dr. Stephan Strsembski
+49 (0) 234 6297 4046
+49 (0) 234 6297 4046

Provinz Editions, Projects
Alte Hattinger Straße 11
44789 Bochum

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Kosmos Klein

Joseph Beuys, Martin Kippenberger, 
Imi Knoebel, Albert Oehlen, Blinky Palermo, 
Sigmar Polke, Gerhard Richter

Editions from the Erhard-Klein-Collection

Exhibition: October 23- December 29, 2012
Opening: October 23, 7 pm

With 'Kosmos Klein', Provinz Editionen, Projekte is showing a top-quality selection of editions by the artists of the Erhard Klein Gallery. The editions on display―even though they were launched in a large number of copies―are today sought-after masterpieces and are, for the most part, rarely available on the market.

Erhard Klein was and still is one of the motors behind Rhineland's art scene. With a sense for unusual single positions, he has, since the early 1970s, acquired an excellent reputation as a gallerist. Klein, a trained librarian, opened his gallery in Bonn in 1970, and already in 1973 was showing Joseph Beuys multiples in a much-noted exhibition. The list of the artists he represented―among whom are Günther Förg, Blinky Palermo, Martin Kippenberger, Imi Knoebel, Albert Oehlen, Sigmar Polke, Ulrich Rückriem or Katharina Sieverding―reads like a who's who of post-1970 German art.

Erhard Klein's success is not alone based on the necessary contacts and his legendary 'sixth sense'. The gallerist always acted as an ally and a friend of his artists and met collectors, museum people and journalists at eye level and without conceit. 'Don't make it too high-priced', Klein's cited plea to his artists, stands for his belief in the promotion and availability of his artists' works.

'Kosmos Klein' alludes specifically to the no less legendary activity of Klein as a publisher. His gallery has published 180 editions and multiples, mostly in conjunction with exhibitions there. Klein's work often revolved around the question of originality in a multiple form. He thus became one of the major protagonists in Germany for the emergence of original graphic prints and sculpture editions.

For further informations please contact the gallery.

Exclusive editions by: Robert Elfgen, Andreas Fischer, Julia Hübner, Armin Krämer, Hans-Jörg Mayer, Alexandra Müller, Bernd Ribbeck, Matthieu Ronsse, Gerda Scheepers, Ralph Schuster, Hartwig Schwarz and others