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08 Sep 2011

Momentum Episodes

Sauli Sirviö

Momentum Episodes
Imagine Being Here Now


Momentum Episodes is part of the 6th Momentum Biennial in Moss Norway, June 18 - October 2.
Magnus Logi Kristinsson and Roi Vaara are on performance tour around the Nordic countries.
Coming up: Stockholm, Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

Aura Seikkula
+358 503 461 771

Momentum / Punkt ?
Henrik Gernersgate 8 / Alby Gård, Jeløy
1530 Moss / 1510 Moss

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Momentum Episodes

The 6th Momentum Biennial is based on questions regarding the active moment in the art experience, when and where it takes place and what role our imagination plays in it. Fifty artists show their works in the three locations in Moss Norway that make up the exhibition Imagine Being Here Now.

In extension to the exhibitions around the town of Moss, Momentum reaches out to wider audiences and further locations. Artists Magnús Logi Kristinsson & Roi Vaara are doing the Momentum Episodes, an itinerant performance taking place in four Nordic capitals - Copenhagen, Helsinki, Reykjavik and Stockholm - in August and September. During the opening of the biennial in June they already performed in Moss, Norway. The performances will take place in various, everyday locations during one afternoon.

Magnús Logi Kristinsson (IS), Roi Vaara (FI)

Curated by:
Markús Þór Andrésson (IS), Christian Skovbjerg Jensen (DK), Theodor Ringborg (SE), Aura Seikkula (FI), Marianne Zamecznik (NO)