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06 Sep 2011

MARRAKECH ART FAIR 2, from September 30 to October 3, 2011

© Lalla Essaydi, Courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York

MARRAKECH ART FAIR 2, a broader view on the artistic emerging scenes
Art Holding Morocco


When: open to the public on the 1st and 2nd of October from 11.30 am to 8.30 pm and on the 3rd of October from 11.30 am to 7.30 pm
Vernissage: on the 30th of September from 6 pm to 11 pm
Where: Palace Es Saadi, rue Brahim El Mazini, Hivernage, Marrakech, Maroc
What: international modern and contemporary art

Sylvia Beder
+33 1 42 18 09 42
+33 9 71 52 15 47

Art Holding Morocco
18 rue Ahmed Mokri – Quartier Racine
20 000 Casablanca

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A broader view on the artistic emerging scenes

From September 30th to October 3rd 2011, Marrakech Art Fair returns at the Palace Es Saadi with 48 international galleries coming from 11 countries to exhibit major modern and contemporary artists. With Turkey as a special guest for its second edition, Marrakech Art Fair aims to lay the stress on contemporary art from the Middle East, but also gives a wide-angle shot of the African creation, not to forget the Western artistic scenes.


13 galleries from Morocco:
Galerie 127 (Marrakech)
Galerie 38 (Casablanca)
Galerie L'Artothèque (Casablanca)
Galerie d'art L'Atelier 21 (Casablanca)
David Bloch Gallery (Marrakech)
Galerie FJ (Casablanca)
Integral Gallery Art&Design (Casablanca)
Loft Art Gallery (Casablanca)
Matisse Art Gallery (Casablanca)
Galerie Shart (Casablanca)
Le Sous-Sol Art Gallery (Agadir)
GVCC - Venise Cadre (Casablanca)
Voice Gallery (Marrakech)

5 galleries from Tunisia:
Le Violon Bleu (Sidi Bou Saïd)
Galerie El Marsa (La Marsa)
VB Contemporain (Sidi Bou Said)
Galerie Ammar Farhat (Sidi Bou Said)
Kanvas Art Gallery (Sidi Fraj)

1 gallery from Saudi Arabia:
Athr Gallery (Jeddah)

1 gallery from Egypt:
Ward Culture & Art Center (Le Caire)

2 galleries from the United Arab Emirates:
Art Space (Dubaï)
IVDE (Dubaï)

7 galleries from Turkey:
CAM Gallery (Istanbul)
CDA Projects (Istanbul)
Empire Project (Istanbul)
PI Artworks (Istanbul)
Merkur (Istanbul)
PG Art Gallery (Istanbul)
Galerist (Istanbul)

14 galleries from France:
Galerie Albert Benamou (Paris)
Galerie Aline Vidal (Paris)
Galerie Jean Brolly (Paris)
Da Prato (Paris)
Galerie Di Meo (Paris)
Galerie Dix9 (Paris)
Galerie Dominique Fiat (Paris)
Galerie Jean Fournier (Paris)
JGM Galerie (Paris)
Besseiche Lartigue (Paris)
Galerie Lelong (Paris)
Magnin-A (Paris)
Galerie Rive Gauche / Marcel Strouk (Paris)
Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux (Paris)

1 gallery from Italy:
Galleria Continua (San Gimignano/Beijing/Le Moulin)

1 gallery from Spain:
Piramidon Centre d'art contemporani (Barcelona)

1 gallery from Russia:
Aidan Gallery (Moscow)

2 galleries from the United States of America:
Edwynn Houk Gallery (New York)
Metro Pictures (New York)


In parallel of the 48 galleries program to discover at the Palace Es Saadi, Marrakech Art Fair promises great artistic meetings in the city thanks to video art and video artists who will be in the place of honor throughout the cultural circuit enriching the fair. The mythical cinema of Marrakech Le Colisée, the ESAV (Marrakech Graduate school of visual arts) and other places will welcome an artistic program conceived by the CNAP (National Center of Plastic Arts) and present artists' videos gathered by two couples of collectors: Jean-Michel and Charlotte Attal, and also Jean Conrad and Isabelle Lemaître.

Among the exhibitions scheduled in the most emblematic places of Marrakech, the former Bank Al Maghrib agency, at Jamaa El Fna square welcomes until October 31th a photography and video exhibition entitled 'Images Affranchies' ('Liberated images') gathering a selection of Arab contemporary artists.
In addition, a series of round tables are planned for Marrakech Art Fair visitors.

And for the first time, Marrakech Art Fair announces the launch of the Es Saadi Award For Contemporary Art. At the initiative of Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal and Jamil Bouhlal, owners of Es Saadi Gardens & Resort, the fair's official partner, this award enables a new generation of artists to receive support to promote greater visibility for their artistic proposals.


Hicham Daoudi is the chairman of Art Holding Morocco, the leading group operating on the art market in Morocco. He is directing his activity in the creation of museums and management of major events dealing with art and the national heritage.

Zineb Daoudi is the general director of the Marrakech Art Fair

Brahim Alaoui is the general curator of the cultural circuit of Marrakech Art Fair and curator of 'Images Affranchies'. Former director of the museum of the Arab World Institute and art historian, exhibit organize and independent advisor.

Renaud Siegmann, an art critic and curator in modern and contemporary art, is the curator of the Marrakech Art Fair.

Philippe Délis is the scenographer of the Marrakech Art Fair and its cultural circuit. As an architect, he also works in several architecture, urban design and cultural projects.

Elisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal owns of the Palace Es Saadi which hosts Marrakech Art Fair. As a collector, she actively supports contemporary artists in Morocco.


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