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03 Sep 2011

C-Collection recommends the German artist Sador Weinsčlucker in his new exhibition 'Sieben Paare' at Berliner Salon

© Sador Weinsčlucker (Berlin, Germany), Untitled, 2011, oil on linen, 170 x 240 cm

'Sieben Paare'
Berliner Salon


Berliner Salon - Rahel Varnhagen Jägerstr. 54, 10117 Berlin 3.-11. September 2011 open 3pm - 7pm; please call for alternatives

Matthias Camenzind
+423 237 63 96
+423 232 08 46

C-Collection Trust
Pradafant 7
9490 Vaduz
Principality of Liechtenstein

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The exhibition 'Sieben Paare' by German artist Sador Weinsčlucker shows remarkable new works for the first time after a hiatus of more than 14 years.

The central theme 'the individual and his environment' is found throughout all or the artist's works since the 80s. Over the years, however, the grimacing faces of the energetic, naked figures developed into finely-drawn images of everyday life. While the earlier works were primarily about non-realized fantasies of human beings, the new cycle depicts human beings from the perspective of the attentive observer.

In front of the large-scale paintings, the viewer himself becomes the voyeur. He observes the relationship between two people, the smallest entity of social life that is - despite all psychological studies and philosophical writings - a complex structure dealing with instincts, desires and norms, constantly affected by great uncertainty and tension.

Only in a few cases, the viewer stays undetected. The direct gaze of the protagonist reveals that he has long been identified as observer. Caught! What we do not want to question ourselves, we notice about others with satisfaction. In front of Weinsčlucker's paintings, the viewer is confronted with the relationship between two people in many different ways. His paintings are snapshots of couples that are not one entity but two individuals. Although the characters appear together, and even if they touch each other, they are alone - only connected by the composition of the painting.

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