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21 Aug 2011

WATERWHEEL - an interactive, collaborative platform exploring water—as a topic & metaphor has been launched!

WATERWHEEL | an interactive, collaborative platform exploring water—as a topic & metaphor—for sharing media & ideas, performance & presentation


Launch date 22 August. Waterwheel includes:
the Wheel & Media Centre: an interactive website for uploading, sharing and exploring media
the TAP: an online venue for events, collaborations and performances
FOUNTAINS: outcomes from the project are mapped out and chronicled

Suzon Fuks
+61-7-3255 8355

3/27 Waverley street
QLD 4103 Brisbane – Annerley

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Powered by water—and you
Exploring water—as a topic and metaphor—Waterwheel is an interactive, collaborative platform for sharing media and ideas, performance and presentation.
Waterwheel investigates and celebrates this constant yet volatile global resource, fundamental element, environmental issue, political dilemma, universal theme and symbol of life. It encourages you to explore and discover, share and collaborate, contribute and participate.
Waterwheel calls on everyone—performers and artists, scientists and environmentalists, students and academics, you and me, anyone and anywhere—to test the water, dive in, make a splash and start a wave. It provides a platform and forum for experience and exchange, expression and experimentation.
Waterwheel draws together different people, practices, places, media and modes of expression. There are no borders or boundaries. Waterwheel flows along its natural course.
You can engage with Waterwheel in many different ways …

The Wheel
The Wheel displays a mix of the most recent contributions from people far and wide. It revolves and ripples with the latest uploaded content.
Surf the Wheel to explore the latest contributions.
Click a contribution and dive in. See where the Wheel will take you.

The Newsfeed streams regular updates, information, editorial and contributions from a sea of sources.
If you'd like to contribute to the newsfeed, or suggest a guest contributor, please drop us a line-

Media Centre
At the hub of Waterwheel is the Media Centre, where all content is stored and tagged.
Here you can search, comment and share your own content with a broad pool of people.
Upload video, audio, photography, animation, slideshows, performance, music, text, spreadsheets—anything that contributes topically or metaphorically to the water theme.
Your upload will be displayed immediately on the Wheel, then accessible later via the Media Centre.

The Tap

The Tap provides an online, real-time venue and forum, workshop and stage, for live networked performance and presentation.
Here you can create and collaborate, rehearse and remix, present and exchange, participate and communicate—privately with your crew, or publicly with your audience.
The Tap provides tools for live networking, real-time media mixing and drawing, combining up to six webcams.


Everything flowing from the Tap and springing up from Waterwheel is mapped and chronicled in Fountains—along with other relevant public events. Everything from performances and presentations, to exhibitions and conferences, to book launches and film screenings.
Promote your scheduled event. Find others near you. See what's going on around the world.