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12 Aug 2011

Ernesto Bautista at Municipal Museum of Santa Tecla (MUTE), El Salvador

Individuaciones 2011. SKETCH.

Ernesto Bautista: I n d i v i d u a c i o n e s
Municipal Museum of Santa Tecla (MUTE)

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What is a generation? What's involved in being part of a worldview? How long are the relationships between people? Is it possible to extend the historical periods of brilliance?

The Municipal Museum of Santa Tecla and The Fire Theory Studio is pleased to announce the installation of its resident artist for July-August 2011: The salvadoran artist Ernesto Bautista, and his work entitled Individuaciones, Saturday 20 August at 7pm. The exhibition includes more than two years of artistic and theoretical investigation, focused on questions concerning to the fragility of the presence, the idea of generation and their historical, political, poetical and anthropological relations.

Individuals are anchored in the idea generation as a vehicle for connecting many topics include the hidden story behind the building (a political ex-jail) and the specific charges of the museum (an area of ​​art historical record), temporality (a installation project for a month and a half of pure assembly) and extinction (the work lasts about 7 days). All in a phisical experience, awesome and ephemeral at the same time. Bautista takes elements such as the transitional escape, the synthesis, the idea of ​​crowd (generation, soul, constellations, fireflies) as a recipient of many individuals, the mysticism of light and the idea of ​​the existence and extinction.

Ernesto Bautista was born in Santa Ana. Recently participated in the VII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus; Art Bogota, ArtBo, Bogota, Colombia; Broken, Reflejos Intimos, Ex-Teresa, Mexico City; The Voices That Reach You 2, Kansas, Missouri, USA; Memento Mori, Gallery [e]star, Lima, Peru, among others. Has been nominated for the grant from the Cisneros Fountanals Art Foundation, and his work, both written and visual, has received several awards, including first place in Latin American art auction SUMARTE, third in the X Prize of Young Art, winner in the contest of literary creation Gallo Tapado, finalist in the International Fellowship of poetic creation Antonio Machado, he has been on the residence of Artistic Production La Mala Fama, Morelia, Michoacan, as well as exhibitions, residences, units and readings in Central, Northern and South America.

For Ernesto Bautista, the implications of the presence and the generation dialog is a key point. The artist states 'I believe in the opportunity of the reaction as a direct consequence of the work, and at this time as a space of self-discovery. From there, the political, and poetic sense that the approach itself can communicate. I believe in the synthesis of the relational and that all work itself is enclosed in an essay of the metaphor as a trigger. The romance, the politic, the language .. There is a historical-artistic need in my work, research, and the identification of people with the work. The beauty as a vehicle, hope ... these formative factors have been fundamental in my life and my motivations. 'Through this exploration (which began in 2009 with the creation of three key pieces: Dialectic Epiphany, Alternative spaces and The Rise of Debris) projects the light as a universal reason that, despite being supported through individual stories, becomes accessible to any case, exposing the importance of the presence of the individual in the crowd as a moment of personal rediscovery and communion with himself.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday August 20 to the September 27, 2011. Visiting hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am at 6:00 p.m. Sundays by appointment.