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11 Jul 2011

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal

Front cover of volume 28 n.paradoxa

volume 28 (July 2011) Biopolitics
KT press


n.paradoxa specialises in articles on contemporary women artists (post-1970) in relation to feminist theory.
n.paradoxa is published two times a year (Jan and July)
n.paradoxa is now in its 14th year of publication!

Katy Deepwell
44 20 8858 3331
44 20 8858 3331

38 Bellot Street
East Greenwich
London SE10 0AQ

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New volume of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal just published

Volume 28 (July 2011) Biopolitics

What is a feminist take on biopolitics? Several routes through the maze of definitions presented by both terms – feminism(s) and biopolitics – are suggested in this volume about contemporary women artists' practices. Biology + politics? Human bodies, female bodies? Material feminism(s) and feminist materialisms? Art approaching scientific and political issues, art as scientific experiments?


Angela Dimitrakaki 'Labour, Ethics, Sex and Capital:, On Biopolitical Production in Contemporary Art: Andrea Fraser and Tanja Ostojic'

subRosa 'Bodies Unlimited: A Decade of subRosa's Art Practice'

Marcia Oliveira 'The Postmodern Paradox in Visual Arts: Aestheticism, Politics and Contemporary Materialism: Ana Vieira'

Jo Anna Isaak 'Memories, Rooms, Sound and Skin: An Interview with Irina Nakhova'

Katy Deepwell 'From Marginalia to Monalisa: an interview with Ida Applebroog'

Suzana Milevska 'Woman Bear Witness'- an essay on women artists whose work addresses the persecution of Roma people.

Monica Sjoo and Anne Berg Images on 'Womanpower– Arts Manifesto (1971) - a reprint of an early feminist art manifesto'

Kim Sawchuk 'Bio-art and the feminist politics of hands-on knowledge: an interview with Canadian artist Tagny Duff'

Victoria Rance 'Mary Kelly: Projects, 1973-2010'

Kimberly Lamm 'At the Pivot of the Biopolitical: Seeing Sex and Racism in Lorna Simpson's You're Fine'

Artist Pages: from Silvia Ziranek 'A/MY LIFE IN (MY) WORDS' and '(WHAT?) FACE FATE'
Plus features on 'Women artists at the 54th Venice Biennale'
And '3 Women: Maria Pininska-Berez, Natalia LL, Ewa Partum' at Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw

This volume is financially supported by the Flo Art Foundation

The print journal is published two times a year (Jan and July) and its content is only available in print form. n.paradoxa is the only international feminist art journal specialising in contemporary visual arts in the world!

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