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04 Jul 2011

The Skaftfell Residency Program - Call for Applications

The Skaftfell residency program in 2012
Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art


Application deadline:
September 1st 2011
Applicants must use the application form provided
Applications via e-mail not accepted

Thorunn Eymundardottir
+354 472 1632 / +354 869 5107
+354 472 1632

Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art
Austurvegur 42
710 Seydisfjordur

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Skaftfell Center for Visual Art runs a residency program for artists and scholars in three locations in the town of Seydisfjorður, East-Iceland:

Call for applications is from 1st june with deadline 1st September, applications are not accepted at other times of the year.


The Skaftfell residency program's objective is to create a community made up of artists and the general public in the rural setting of East-Iceland. Creating a platform to stimulate innovative dialogue between art and life. Allowing a space for artists to experience and explore a new angle to their artistic work in context with living and working in a unique, micro community were creativity is applied to every day life.


Skaftfell uses the following criteria when evaluating applicants:

* Primarily the quality of the applicants work as indicated by submitted visual documentation.
* A record of exhibition and curriculum vitae.
* Demonstration of a serious and consistent dedication of the professional practice of visual arts through submitted documents.
* Evidence that the applicant is at a critical juncture in their development that will be advanced by the residency.

Although Skaftfell's residency program is aimed at artists working with in the field of visual art, experimental artists working in intermediate methods are eligible to apply regardless of the nature of their primary profession/education within the arts. Group applications are welcome.


From 1 to 6 months.

Each residency starts the 1st of the month, only whole months are available.

Residency fee:

Month 55.000 iskr

Confirmation fee, worth one month, is due at booking.