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21 Jun 2011

GERT ROBIJNS at M - Museum Leuven

In Concert, 2007 © Gert Robijns

Gert Robijns 'ON-'
M – Museum Leuven


Exhibtion 23.06 till 11.09.2011 Open: Tue. till Sun., 11:00 till 18:00 – Thu. Till 22:00 – Closed on Mon.


+ 32 16 27 29 29

M – Museum Leuven
L. Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000 Leuven

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GERT ROBIJNS at M - Museum Leuven

In the exhibition 'On-', Gert Robijns (Sint-Truiden, °1972) presents a number of older works beside new installations. Through the title 'On-', the artist refers to oppositions and contradictions. On- may prefix many Dutch words (on-logisch [illogical], on-interessant [uninteresting], etc.) and thereby change their meaning. In his work, Robijns often plays with such oppositions and with twin concepts like order – disorder, movement – rest, above – below or positive – negative.

In his playful installations and surreal interventions, Gert Robijns focuses the viewer's attention on aspects of observation and intuition. More concretely, in his recent installations, Robijns treats concepts such as weight, balance, movement and mobility. His work is inspired by situations from everyday life and through his presentation, he tries to ensure that the visitor questions his/her immediate environment.