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21 Jun 2011

Blowup, new program series at V2_Institute for the Unstable media

Wild Things
V2_Institute for the Unstable media


Blowup is a new V2_ event series. In this first edition we will examine art and design projects that are created with animals in mind as the end users and active participants – not people. Thursday July 7, 20:00 - 23:00 Featuring: Elio Caccavale (IT/UK), Amy Youngs (US) and Wilfried Hou Je Bek (NL).

Joris van Ballegooijen
+31(0)10 2067272

Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL, Rotterdam
the Netherlands

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Maybe in a few years, Fido (or Fikkie) will go to the museum without you. The first edition of Blowup will examine art and design projects that are created with animals in mind as the end users and active participants – not people. This evening event will feature three leading practitioners discussing their work that is created for animals to appreciate and actively use. The speakers will address how their work can instill greater empathy for animals in us, and what they think the animals' experience of the art actually is.

We'll hear from American artist Amy Youngs, who has created new habitats for hermit crabs and a lounge space for crickets; Dutch thinker, psychogeographer and writer Wilfried Hou Je Bek who has translated the Epic of Gilgamesh into the pictograms that scientists use to teach language to apes; and Italian designer Elio Caccavale who has designed a TV for pigs to use among other speculative design pieces in his work Utility Pets.

Plus, as a nod to the genre of YouTube videos that consist solely of cats doing cute things, we introduce the Cats Only iPad Play Zone. Bring Fluffy along and let her enjoy some iPad games especially for cats. Spaces are very limited, please book your cat's place by emailing

5 Euro entrance fee includes a limited edition USB stick containing the first Blowup eBook.

Free entrance for students (college card).

Free entrance if you book your cat into the iPad play zone (spaces limited and must be booked in advance).

This event will be streamed live at

Blowup is a series of events and exhibitions that explore contemporary questions from multiple viewpoints. Blowup zooms in on ideas, bringing into focus clear pictures of how art, design, philosophy, and technology are transforming our lives -- or reinforcing the status quo.

Alongside each event, a Blowup Reader exploring the theme with texts from a wide range of sources will be released in e-Book format. The events series is curated by Michelle Kasprzak.