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22 Jun 2011

RAMDOM Association: Call for artists

DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence: On Art, Cities and Regeneration


DEADLINE for applications:
17th July 2011

Paolo Mele

via San Francesco d'Assisi 15
Gagliano del Capo (LE)

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RAMDOM Association presents:
Call for Artists:
DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence: On Art, Cities and Regeneration
Lecce, Italy
21-30 September 2011

DEFAULT masterclass is an international cultural and artistic residence hosted in the town of Lecce, in Italy's Puglia Region. It proposes to be a context to discuss, imagine and put forward sustainable ideas for how art can interact with the regeneration of former industrial spaces.

For ten days, twenty selected artists will discuss with curators, artists and cultural producers, transnational partners and local audiences ask some key questions:
In our current (austere) times, how can we interact with wider governmental policy on regeneration? How do we tackle the increasingly politicised stakes that underpin cultural funding for the revitalisation of urban centres and neighbourhoods? Do artists, curators, art managers and policy makers now default to 'art and regeneration' practices which are no longer viable, yet still entrenched in cultural structures, because there no other alternative given?
The works will take places in several regenerated spaces in the city of Lecce.

Current faculty and lecturers include: Lewis Biggs (Biennale of Liverpool), Celine Condorelli (artist), Andrea Lissoni (Xing and Hangar Bicocca), Manon Slome (No Longer Empty), Alfredo Cramerotti (curator, AGM and QUAD), Yesomi Umolu (curator, AGM), Hannah Conroy (curator, AGM), Andrea Siclodi (Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen), Ana Hoffner, Paolo Mele (RAMDOM), Filipa Ramos (writer and art critic), Pietro Gaglianò (art critic), Emiliano Paoletti (Bjcem), Chris Torch (Intercult).


Applying artists are asked to submit a short project on proposal that addresses the question 'what's next in art, cities and regeneration?'
An international committee of art professionals will then select 10 international and 10 Apulian artists to participate in the masterclass.

See the call on

DEADLINE: 17th July 2011


DEFAULT is organized by RAMDOM Association (Lecce, Italy) in the frame of the project 'Memorable Arts' and curated by AGM Culture (Nottingham, UK). It is delivered in collaboration with Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen (Innsbruck, Austria).
With the partnership of Sud-Est association (Manifatture Knos), Bjcem (Biennale de la Mediterranée), Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Arci Puglia, Archiviazioni, Municipalità of Lecce, Lupiae service, Province of Lecce.

DEFAULT Masterclass is financed by the Regione Puglia, Principi Attivi 2010 - Giovani Idee per una Puglia Migliore.