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02 Jun 2011

New International School 2011

N.I.S., Treignac 2009

Call for Participation: August 2011
New International School




New International School
V22, F-block, the biscuit factory, 100 Clements Road
London SE16 4DG

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New International School
Hosted by V22, London 2011

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Application: May1 - June 1, 2011
Interviews: June 1 – July 1, 2011
Start: 1st August 2011 for 4 weeks

New International School: A Reformatting of The Art School and Discourse sees interdisciplinary art practice and pedagogy as a way to re-think the function of art, the role of artists and the purpose of art education. The emergence and growth of art in response to social, political and environmental urgency has necessitated a re-examination of structures that support and facilitate art and its various modes of being. Institutions tend to present a challenge to practitioners to find ways for art to contribute to or question communities and cultures in a local and global context. We will think through and discuss these tendencies and examine the role of the artist in relation to theses developments.

Today, what do we imagine when we think of 'art practice'? If the city is the site of practice what do we imagine as the relationship between this practice and the way a city works? In what way is art production contributing to the life of the city? How does art resist a culture of commodification and consumption, assuming these are inimical to art's agenda? How have the roles of art, artists, and audiences been resituated? What is the potential for art to create civic sites for public discourse and expression within and outside of education? What are the ways in which art might be complicit in upholding the narratives of modernism, capitalism, and other contested perspectives? What is the potential for practice to contribute research and knowledge that will support a constructive relationship to the city? And what kinds of discourse assist and facilitate and are critical to the work of production?

N.I.S. is delighted to be working with V22 who are hosting this event in Bermondsey this August.

Call for Participation:

New International School: A Reformatting of The Art School and Discourse aims to be open to unexpected intersections, evolving through inquiry-based discourse, performative interventions, and generative dialogue that is intended to provoke and mobilize diversity of thought and practice.

We welcome the participation of practitioners across the artistic disciplines, including those whose practices are post-studio, or performative; and those who work outside of traditional systems of support and exposure. We also invite proposals from those working in other disciplines who have insight to bring to the conversation, and who can contribute diverse ways of arriving at new knowledge, which is at the core of New International School's pedagogical mission.

The aim is to broaden participants' horizons in terms of their critical and artistic range, offering a series of different points of view and the conceptual tools to assess their work and its development, as well as an opportunity to discuss and critically influence the future of The New International School itself.

During the month of August, participants will develop a critical judgment and historical perspective while furthering their body of work during dedicated classes, seminars and critiques. It is expected that the participants will attend all classes, lectures and studio seminars. All participants will be required to accommodate at least one formal studio visit in their respective studios or in cases where this is not appropriate (post-studio practices) to be able to demonstrate their practice for critical evaluation by the rest of the group.

The lecture series draws together speakers from different disciplines. Details to be announced later in the year.


1) A little History of Movement, Change and Art | Theoretical
2) The Painting Course | Theoretical
3) Changes in Robo-environment | Practical
4) Urban Ethnography | Practical

The study programme will run throughout August 2011, comprising of 20 hrs of talks, seminars, workshops and studio visits per module.

Cooperations: V22 Collection, New International School, Treignac projet, , nõde , A.E.S.D.
Please note: English language skills are required for the enrolment into the program.
Additional information: For additional information on N.I.S., V22 Collection, the conditions of admission and the application procedure and the dates follow links below: