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02 Jun 2011

Call for applications - Transmedia - Brussels

Transmedia - Postgraduate program in Arts + Media + Design
Sint-Lukas Brussels


Application deadline is September 30th 2011



Transmedia Sint-Lukas Brussels
Paleizenstraat 70
B-1030 Brussels

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Transmedia is a two-year, full-time course in arts, media and design leading to a master's degree in Transmedia. This international program focuses on research as an integrated mix of art practice and critical thought. This multidisciplinary environment fosters a dialogue with experts about your artistic practice. Transmedia places individual practice at the core of the program. Here you can learn from internationally recognized teachers and visiting artists who, through their personal work are actively shaping the direction of thinking and producing in the rapidly evolving Transmedia field.

During the first input year, you hone both your production and research skills in the Transmedia lab, engage with the history and theory of Transmedia art in lectures and seminars, attend public events and, of course, mainly devote time to your own work. This input confronts and fuels you with different ways of working and thinking in order to develop your ideas and methods further. You will be challenged to think your process, develop new approaches and redefine your work.

During the second output year, you devote most, if not all of your time to your individual practice lead­ing up to your graduation project, i.e. a (body of) work supported by a research dossier.

Transmedia offers a stimulating environment where your artistic practice comes first: a continuous and independent art practice stimulated by dialogues with practices from other disciplines. Students are invited to engage in an ongoing conversation about their work process through tutorials, group discussions, seminars, workshops and the interchange of ideas and skills with fellow students, internationally recognized teachers and visiting artists.

People from different backgrounds and experiences are central to this collaborative, multidisciplinary practice. We welcome candidates from a variety of backgrounds: graphic design, visual arts, architecture and performance; photography, film, video, installation and new media; and also the humanities, sciences, music composition and industrial design.

The program focuses on research as an integrated mix of art practice and critical thought and engenders a collaborative, multidisciplinary practice. Research is an integral part of the Transmedia program with in-house research fellowships. From these fellowships students can learn while developing their own research skills, in close collaboration with artists from all disciplines. Transmedia research is developed in the area of computational and networked digital media. Visiting artists open up their work process and methods and students participate in their projects in different forms determined by the artist: labs, seminars, symposia.

Visiting artists + partners

Alex Adriaansens + Herman Asselberghs + Saul Albert + Sven Augustijnen + Sam Auinger + Justin Bennett + Peter Beyls + Pierre Berthet + Heath Bunting + Building Transmissions + Paul Casaer + Cinematics (Be) + Lucrezia Cippitelli + Mark Coniglio + Tony Conrad + Wim Cuyvers + Jeremiah Day + Boris Debackere + Manon De Boer + Guy De Bievre + Stefaan Decostere + Anouk Declercq + Arne Deforce + Christophe De Jaeger + Marnix De Nijs + Steven Devleminck + Joachim Devillé + Frederik De Wilde + Els Dietvorst + Digicult (It) + Florian Dombois + Edith Doove + Julia Eckhardt + Clodagh Emoe + Frans Evers + Joost Fonteyne + Matthew Fuller + Dora Garcia + De Geuzen + Pascal Gielen + Happy New Festival (Be) + Mike Harding + Craigie Horsfield + Erkki Huttamo + Liesbeth Huybrechts + Jo Huybrechts + Impact Sessions (Be) + Peter Jacquemyn + Geoff Kaplan + David Karam + Matthias Koole + Phill Niblock + Norman Klein + Aglaia Konrad + Eric Koziol + Paul Landon + Malcolm Le Grice + Pam M. Lee + John Maeda + Marco Mancuso + Valerie Mannaerts + Vincent Meessen + Pieter-Paul Mortier + Phill Niblock + Lê Quan Ninh + BJ Nilsen + Thomas Olbrechts + Hans Op De Beeck + Els Opsomer + Mauro Pawlowski + Rodney Place + Simon Pope + Jan Pillaert + Stefan Prins + Q-O2 (Be) + G.w. Raes + Recyclart (Be) + Travis Robertson + Gert Robijns + Suely Rolnik + Dirk Seghers + David Shea + Geraldo Si + Eric Sleichim + Filiep Tacq + Michael Taussig + Kees Tazelaar + Frank Theys + Leslie Thornton + Lorenzo Tripodi + V2_(Nl) + Rob Vanderbeeken + Frank van de Ven + Annemie Van Kerkhoven + Sofie Van Loo + Carl Michael von Hausswolff + Angelo Vermeulen + VVVV + Anne Wellmer + Christiane Wittig + Jon Wozencroft