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24 May 2011

Francois Morellet at Milan Dobes Museum, Bratislava

Sphére-trame, 1962

Francois Morellet
Milan Dobes Museum


29. April - 15. September 2011 OPEN: Tuesday – Sunday 10am to 18pm


+421 903 447 300
+421 2 5441 3429

Milan Dobes Museum
Zamocnicka 13
811 03 Bratislava

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Francois Morellet

Our meetings with inseparable Francois and Danielle Morellet, sometimes also with their children, with my loves and common friends continue almost half a century since the 1960s: Villa in Cholet and Zagreb, Paris, New York, Venice, Rome, Milan, Basel, Kassel, Gorinchem... big cities or small places which marked, at least in the early phase, the whole history of our investigations, our exhibitions from „arte programmata' to „novetendencije', „art today', „mouvement', „documenta', „weiss auf weiss' and many others.

His history is much longer than mine, it began one decade sooner and it represents rich biography and impressive quantity of work and investigations, developing all the time, and vast number of works in each part of the world while my creation has been subdued already for some time, however I think there is still mutual appreciation between us. He is always very busy, he has his work absolutely organized, everything is consistently planned also thanks to Danielle who characterizes herself half as a joke and half seriously as „free-vol', because she loves puns as the recent „senile lines' which you can read in both directions. François Morellet has a big talent because he was able to foresee in advance what will be right with regard to personal relations, persons around him and his journey: he knew a lot of people, all continents and left traces in many towns and therefore it is right that Bratislava which was the capital of the Habsburg monarchy even sooner than Vienna and which is today the capital of the young Slovak Republic, is going to receive him in this museum within our exhibitions of contemporary art and is going to present his characteristic though not very large exhibition beginning with „trames' through „sphére-trames', „grille se déformant', „tube de néon', „lignes au hazard' up to the newest works as „cross crash' and „jazz band', which is a sample summarizing his work, at least in my perception, his long work of fine arts which has always been so fascinating.

There is no need to add anything to Morellet, as to all those people who work with visions, it is enough to look and see and just now we have only an infinitely small part of his work, however I hope that it is sufficient to open and fill our minds.

Getulio Alviani, 2010