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26 Apr 2011

ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art presents Volume 17: Hi-Tech

ASPECT V.17: Hi-Tech
ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art


ASPECT, a biannual publication of time-based art, is pleased to announce our new release—Volume 17: Hi-Tech.

Liz Nofziger

ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art
46 Waltham Street suite 108
Boston, MA 02118

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ASPECT, a biannual publication of time-based art, is pleased to announce our new release—Volume 17: Hi-Tech.

V.17: Hi-Tech features ten artists working at the intersection of new ideas in art and technology. Its release follows V.16: Lo-Tech, and the two function not as a timeline of emerging technologies in art, but as two poles between which most new media artists find themselves working today.

While the works in V.17 illustrate what many traditionally consider to be new media, we present the use of emerging technologies as but one vital element within the discourse of new media art. In our era of planned obsolescence and weekly technological breakthroughs, innovation is the norm. How can we move past novelty and use new technologies to ask questions about contemporary culture? The works in Volume 17 do just that.

Featuring work by:

Marnix De Nijs with commentary by Arie Altena
Eduardo Kac with commentary by Simone Osthoff
Anne Leighton Massoni with commentary by Adrian Duran
Nikhil Murthy with commentary by Catherine Taft
Anna G. Norton with commentary by Ashley Peel Pinkham
Mark Stock with commentary by Phaedra Shanbaum
Stephen Vitiello with commentary by Elaine Mehalakes
Jeff Warmouth with commentary by Matthew Nash

Full details and information on past volumes is available on our website.

This volume is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Company Information —The mission of ASPECT is to foster a deeper understanding of contemporary new media art by expanding access, education, and distribution of the genre. ASPECT pioneered DVD distribution of artworks and continues to set the standard for new media art publishing and distribution. ASPECT is a biannual DVD magazine of new media art. Each issue highlights 5-10 artists working in new media whose works are best documented in video or sound, including in-depth information on the artists and commentary by distinguished curators and critics. Individual issues and subscriptions are available directly from the ASPECT website.