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28 Apr 2011

Circular Facts, ?Public Meeting’ Objectif Exhibitions, 6 - 8 May 2011

Image by Hassan Khan

A program of discussions, performances and artistic interventions
Objectif Exhibitions, Casco and The Showroom


Objectif Exhibitions Antwerp 6-8 May, 2011 See Web site for complete program Free Entrance

Marnie Slater
0032.3.288 49 77

Objectif Exhibitions
Kleine Markt 7-9/bus 26
Antwerp 2000

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Objectif Exhibitions (Antwerp), Casco-Office for Art, Design and Theory (Utrecht) and The Showroom (London) present a 3-day event of discussions, performances and artists interventions as part of their collaborative project Circular Facts.

Small- and medium- scale art organisations play an essential catalytic and progressive role in the field of contemporary art as producers, distributors and channels of support and it is this position we often try to emphasise to our public and supporters. From this starting point, and taking the opportunity of the Circular Facts collaboration*, this gathering investigates the role of these types of organisations in their local scenes, the networks of collaborations in which they affiliate themselves, and how they define their mandates in relation to artistic practices.


Friday May 6

1800 – Introducing Circular Facts

A performance with multiple starting points: a suspenseful short story written in pulp literary Arabic for a cancelled exhibition; the ongoing attempt to discover the work; the direct and abstract power of music; childhood memories; the driving anger the artist depends upon when writing; and the elusive search for a simplicity that remains complex.

Saturday May 7

1100 – 'Assembly (Circular Facts)' by Agency (artist, Brussels)
Agency will call Thing 000884 (Catalogue of the Private Library of the Late Dr. I. T. Talbot of Boston) forth from the list. Thing 000884 concerns a 1912 controversy around an auction catalogue that reprinted letters written by Mary Baker G. Eddy to her cousin.

1200 – Break

1300 – Session One: How to work?
This session will focus on how artistic practices inform institutional methodologies and structures.

Participants: Norma Jeane (artist), Natasa Petresin (Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, Paris) and Francis McKee (Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow)
Moderator: Mai Abu ElDahab (Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp)

1500 – Break

1530pm – Session Two: Who are we working with?
This session will look informal communities and the building of institutional affinities based on common goals rather than structured networks.

Participants: Frederique Bergholtz (If I Can't Dance…, Amsterdam), David Reinfurt (Dexter Sinister, New York) and Mia Jankowicz (Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo)
Moderator: Binna Choi (Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht)

1730 – Break

1800 – 'All Cats are Grey in the Dark' an event by Norma Jeane (artist)
Rationality is a weak tool when not sustained by a variety of physical and emotional information. Norma Jeane's intervention takes the shape of a sensual invitation to dive deep into the very matter of things. Guests are invited to a diverse, colourless and unidentified aperitif. Each guest's satisfaction and eventual inebriation will be fulfilled on the condition of letting themselves go at the risk of a full experience - and perhaps gaining insight into the complex web of relations and dynamics that constitute the art world.

Sunday May 8

1100 – Session Three: What we do?
The session will look at possibilities of defining the authorial position of institutions, and the implications of this position of authority.

Participants: Dan Kidner (City Projects, London), Will Bradley (Kunsthalle Oslo) and Giovanni Carmine (Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen)
Moderator: Emily Pethick (The Showroom, London)

1200 – Break

1300 – 'The weather, a building' a reading by Ruth Buchanan (artist, Berlin)
In her work, Ruth Buchanan seeks to address the condition of artistic agency today – both as a physical position and a material form – and does so by bringing various elements together in precisely choreographed spatial and temporal situations. 'The weather, a building' continues this interest and explores the manifold ways in which we inhabit space.

1530 – The End

*Circular Facts is a collaborative endeavor between three European contemporary art organizations: Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory (Utrecht), Objectif Exhibitions (Antwerp), The Showroom (London) in partnership with Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and Electric Palm Tree. The project is an informal think-tank and a mutual support structure that works as a hub for the production and dissemination of artistic projects. The emphasis of the collaboration is on finding non-bureaucratic ways of working together, the sharing of imaginative thinking, and open-ended forms of circulation. Beyond our common interest in maintaining a climate conducive to artistic creativity and criticality is a desire for a pragmatic and sustainable model for co-production, which we hope to continue beyond the scope of this particular project. Circular Facts is funded by the European Union Culture Programme.