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17 Apr 2011

Grant Nimmo and Michaela Gleave at Anna Pappas Gallery

Grant Nimmo - Boating Trip With Techno Mum, 2010, oil on German beechwood, 30 x 30cm

Grant Nimmo - This Is Woven Piper: Paintings For The Funnel

Michaela Gleave - I Would Bring You The Stars

Anna Pappas Gallery


12 April – 7 May 2011
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 12-6pm

Anna Pappas
+61 3 8598 9915
+61 3 8598 9914

Anna Pappas Gallery
2-4 Carlton Street
VIC 3181

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Grant Nimmo - This Is Woven Piper: Paintings For The Funnel

Grant Nimmo continues his long-term fascination with the mysteries and secrets of the natural world in a mesmerizing new series of small paintings of remote and untouched landscapes and of the strange characters who inhabit such places. Eccentric hippies and mountain-folk once again appear throughout his surreal picturesque dreamscapes which unite fantasy, mysticism and the psychedelic, whilst an intriguing and playful imagery is imbued with an intense sense of quiet, peace and an underground liberation from mundane human concerns.

Michaela Gleave - I Would Bring You The Stars

Michaela Gleave's multi-media 2011 solo exploration, once again tests the boundaries of our everyday perceptual experience, allowing us to experience the processes by which we comprehend reality in various forms. The ephemeral nature of her new installation expresses Gleave's celebratory gesture of the persistent optimisms we encounter every day. These prosaic works continue to have relevance and perhaps are rendered even more significant by the immeasurable nature of their presence and purpose, despite the often-concrete requirements of contemporary life.