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13 Apr 2011

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 2011

c-Marion Kalter, 2010

Deadline Grant Applications 15 April 2011
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, 18 July - 27 August 2011


Deadline for GRANT Applications:
15 April 2011 more than 70 grants available for all courses e.g. Katrina Daschner, Peter Friedl, Christian Philipp Müller

Gabriele Winter
+43 662 842113
+43 662 849638

Salzburg International Summer
Academy of Fine Arts
Franziskanergasse 5a
5020 Salzburg

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Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts 2011

The Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg offers 20 courses taught by 23 distinguished artists from 16 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. More than 70 grants are available; deadline for grant application is 15 April 2011.

KATRINA DASCHNER / Performance and the performative
8 –27 August 2011
Katrina Daschners approach of performance is based on a wider concept including conceptual performance, performative installation, videos or photographic works, dramatic staging and theatrical production, as well as performative speech act or social gender identity attribution.

PETER FRIEDL / Pictures as concepts
18 July – 6 August 2011
What do pictures tell us? Our world is full of them, and there should be good reasons for adding to them. Anyone who exhibits something is thereby creating new realities, and strictly speaking, exhibition is a medium. The creative field of tension which is the focus of this course extends between artefact and document. The course evokes not so much the materiality of art, as its potential for intensifying aesthetic experiences and finding suitable models. It is designed for those with unreserved interest in both theory and practice. The end result may be pictures, installations, performances, texts, lectures or new ideas.

CHRISTIAN PHILIPP MÜLLER / Acts with objects in urban space, performance and sculpture

8 - 27 August 2011
The course is in three parts: designing an act in public space, defining sculptural objects and developing modes of documentation as an art forum. During the course, details will be worked out for actions for the urban space of Salzburg Old Town. Therefore objects and portable sculptures will be produced and ideal locations and times for implementation will be established. The aim is to stage one's own body in urban space, improvising with objects and other performers.

For the entire programme, further information and online application
Deadline for general applications is 15 May 2011.