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05 Apr 2011

Isa Rosenberger at Grazer Kunstverein

Isa Rosenberger

Isa Rosenberger, Espiral
Grazer Kunstverein


Opening April 5th at 7 pm Duration of the exhibition: April 6th until June 11th

Tanja Gurke
+43 316 834141
+43 316 834142

Palais Trauttmansdorff
Burggasse 4
8010 Graz

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Espiral is Isa Rosenberger's (*1969) artistically occupation with the role of Austrian banks in South-East Europe. It is also the first solo exhibition of this Viennese artist in Graz.

The approach towards Kurt Jooss' expressionistic ballet Der grüne Tisch (1932), a dance-like description of the connection between power, economy and war in the surrounding of the Weimar Republic and the first world depression, is the central point of view. Another level of this work bases on research on the role of Austrian bank both after the transformation processes in Eastern Europe and also during the time before the First World War. Rosenberger demonstrates connections between the opening in the East as well as the balances and profits of the parent companies in the West.

Espiral is the fascinating artistically realization of a complex research that brings together East-European transformation processes and economical interests. The project requests the possibilities of artistically intervention within the connections of power, money and history. At the same time, it presents, in relation to Joss' Green Table, likewise the timelessness as well as the necessity of this occupation.