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31 Mar 2011

muno, the no-museum: Inner Circle by Hubert Czerepok

Hubert Czerepock

inner circle
muno, the no-museum


opening april 1st, 20:30-23:00 from april 1st to may 20th, tuesday-friday 12-19 h. saturday-sunday 10-15 h.

Eric Nava
+52 1492 103 0407

muno, the no-museum
genaro codina 727
98000 zacatecas

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Inner Circle by Hubert Czerepok

A starting point for this project is Hubert Czerepok's interest in paranormal activities. He's been researching the phenomenon of contacting ghosts, levitations, miracles and bi-location for several years already. His work focuses in origins and developments of occult movements and societies, examining different aspects of 'abnormal' human behaviors and need to conquer paranormal forces.

A peak popularity of both: occult and spiritualism came up in XIX – it used to be very significant and important part of everyday life. People were gathering together in order to conduct rituals - séances. Millions of people around the world were involved in this movement. Every newspaper used to have a special paragraph dedicated for relations from séances, in United States for an example thousands of people demanded from the Congress establishing a special body - committee of scientist who would be able to examine phenomenons accompanying spiritual practices. There were several famous scientists who were very involved in researching the topic at that time. In 1851, in New York there were about 100 mediums providing services in connecting with paranormal world.

Since year 1950 we can observe something like a return to those XIX century practices and at the same time they have became incorporated by pop culture. Numerous movies present ghost's appearings, apparitions, zombies, and aliens. Even nowadays society becomes more secular and less devoted to mysticism we can observe a certain return of those believes. Maybe contemporary world with its speediness, unlimited access to news and lack of tools which could help out with filtering them create a fear which needs to be overcome through finding even most incredible answers.