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28 Mar 2011

Call for Applications: Master's Programme, Netherlands Film Academy Amsterdam

Taatske Pieterson, master student

Postgraduate degree Research and Development, for filmmakers, visual artists and digital media specialists
Netherlands Film and Television Academy, Amsterdam


Deadline for Application:
15 April 2011 Start of next course:
1 January 2012

Kris Dekkers / Mieke Bernink

Netherlands Film and Television Academy
Markenplein 1
1011 MV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Are you a talented filmmaker, visual artist, digital media specialist, journalist... or in any other way involved with moving images?

Would you like the time, space and support to undertake your own artistic research project? Are you ready to reflect on your vision and presuppositions about the nature, boundaries and potentials of the art and the industry? Do you want to contribute to the innovation of your profession?

Every year, the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam offers a select group of talented film and media makers the chance to enhance their professional development. On the two year Master's Degree Programme students define, improve and realize their research and broaden their long-term professional development skills in a setting that is investigative, demanding and international.

The next course starts January 2012. Deadline for applications: 15 April 2011.

Students are admitted on the basis of their CV and portfolio, their motivation and their research or development plan. This research or development plan can take many different forms. It may comprise an experimental study into the contemporary nature of the language of film and media, or it may investigate new forms of storytelling or help you develop your own artistic voice. The plan may likewise consist of innovative research or experiments in the areas of, for example, sound design, creative production, camera work or special effects. Or it may be designed to question the boundaries of film and thus result in new forms of audio-visual expression relating, for example, to games, installations or performance. All of these research plans can be related to a specific project (in any genre or artistic discipline) that students wish to develop within the master's programme, but should also have relevance for the professional and / or artistic world at large.

The research plan forms the basis for a learning path which, apart from the taught course parts in year 1 (for which international guest lecturers are invited), is of a highly individual nature and calls for a substantial degree of independence. Each student is appointed his or her own coach or mentor, who supervises the student's execution of his or her research plan. The school provides facilities for the performance of practical assignments, exercises and experiments.

In terms of its set-up, the programme is unique in its kind, both in the Netherlands and beyond. Its research-based perspective, select group of students and the diversity of their backgrounds, and its attention to other art forms and digital media, lend the Netherlands Film Academy's master's programme a highly individual identity. This profile is also in keeping with the contemporary context in which film and media makers operate.

For more information, see our website: There you'll also find information about the present students, their research projects and their experiences with the course. If you want more information or a personal meeting with the director to find out all about the programme, send an email to