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22 Mar 2011

DocksArtFair: Apply Now!

Apply Now
DocksArtFair 2011


Limit for receipt of applications:
April 30, 2011 First meeting of Selection Committee:
Early May 2011 Answer to galeries:
Mid May 2011

Romain Houg
0033 478 429 850
0033 478 379 703

45 Quai Ramnbaud
69002 Lyon

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In September 2011, the third edition of DocksArtFair™ will take place, bringing together 40 international galleries for a contemporary art fair that is based around a set of unique principles. Unique, because it gives the public a chance to discover and learn about the current creative work of the selected galleries, through the presentation of a solo presentation by an emerging artist at every booth. Unique, because DocksArtFair™ is attached to the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon, by date as well as geographical situation in the Confluence, a newly developed district in Lyon, and a symbol for the 21st century. Finally, unique because the region (Rhône-Alpes and the surrounding areas) is rich in structures dedicated to contemporary art (museums, art institutions and art schools), a fact that has allowed DocksArtFair™ to take up a leading role in the international contemporary artistic scene.

enters a synergy with all these other organizations and offers to Lyon and its region the opportunity to become a dynamic place in the contemporary art market, and taking its place in the schedule of international contemporary art fairs.

- What differentiates Docks Art Fair of other fairs:

The concept of the solo show of emerging artists.
Each booth has the same square (30 m2)
The unique location within 100 meters of the Biennale de Lyon.
The audience consists largely of major collectors and international professionals.
Its cost: 283.34 € per square meter (or 8 500.00 € without VAT for a stand of 30m2).
This price includes media: double page in the catalog and website.
Applications for admission are paying: 150.00 € included VAT (non-refundable except for galleries selected by the Selection Committee).

- A new committee for a new DAF:

Georgina Adam

Editor at Large, The Art Newspaper, UK

Isabelle Bertolotti

Curator, France

Barbara Polla

Gallery owner, Analix Forever, Switzerland

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

President of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy

Richard Leydier

Editor in chief artpress magazine, France

Pascal Neveux
Director FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

- The Montblanc©/DocksArtFair™ Award

and Montblanc© have come together for a second year to organize the Montblanc©/DocksArtFair™ Award, honoring the work of a gallery and the talent of one artist.

The Montblanc© brand has long been associated with artistic creation, the art of writing, of expression and performance. This intellectual dimension is at the core of the brand, and applies not only to its products but to its communication in the broadest sense. Montblanc© has been involved in many artistic forms, such as classical music, opera, contemporary painting and, more recently, cinema and photography.

Montblanc© supports numerous projects in these various artistic realms, particularly through its Cultural Foundation, which has made a yearly award to illustrious art sponsors since 1992, in 11 different countries, including France, the home of the brand. It's therefore natural that Montblanc© should sponsor the prize at the DocksArtFair™, which distinguishes the best in contemporary artistic creation. The prize is awarded by an international selection committee to one of the artists presented at the fair.

- Supports:

The Grand Lyon urban community

From the first edition The Grand Lyon urban community brought their support to DocksArtFair™ allowing the creation of the press village, so giving an immediate international visibility to the fair. For this second edition of the Grand Lyon has stepped up actions to position the fair DocksArtFair™ and through the difficult economic environment.
The Grand Lyon renews partnership to install DocksArtFair™ in the concert of great international fairs which are all elements of the reputation and influence of cities in which they are produced.

The région Rhône-Alpes

DocksArtFair™ benefits from the policy for the contemporary art, adopted in January, 2007. The région Rhône-Alpes since accompanied DocksArtFair™ into its promotional activities and in its editions.

Both institutional support without which DocksArtFair™ would not be possible can finally offer a quality alternative to traditional centralized area networks.

/ / / / In this context innovative, attractive and exciting as we invite you to take part in the Third Edition of Docks Art Fair. / / /