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24 Mar 2011

Architettura Attuale: Growing By Numbers

paolo cesaretti

Growing By Numbers
Architettura Attuale
LED / Comune di Milano


11.04.2011 cocktail from 7pm to 10 pm 31st floor Pirelli Tower Via Fabio Filzi 22, Milano personal invitation required

Alessandra Santerini (press office)

Architettura Attuale
Via San Rocco 12
20135 Milano

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Emblematic of the massive transformation of Milan, which is growing above all in height in the city centre, are the buildings which reach up to the sky, both historical and new buildings, building projects recently launched as well as the new towers which stand in the area of the Stazione Centrale, Isola, Varesine and Garibaldi.

Architettura Attuale – a research group made up of three architects who share the same interest in the fusion of architecture, art and communication – has proposed a serial red light numbering of the milanese hi-rise buildings in chronological order from 0 to 9, from the Pirelli Tower to the new regional offices by IM Pei and the towers still being built. By joining all the numbers with an imaginary line, the map of the city of the future is outlined, highlighting the mutation which is rapidly changing the face of the city and involving its residents.

The title of the project Growing By Numbers is inspired by that of the English game which requires dots to be joined up in space by a pen and which is called 'drawing by numbers'. As a play on words the word drawing is replaced by growing and the design of the city of the future is revealed by light.

The completed installation is to be presented to the press and Milanese and international public with the finissage to be held on Monday 11 April from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the unique premises of the 31st floor of the Pirelli Tower. This will allow a general 360° night viewing.
On this occasion, the docu-clip Milano | Growing By Numbers by the video artists Micropunta is to be premiered. Sound and mixset by Schnitt. Growing By Numbers will be on view up to 17 April 2011.

Organised by Milano city council.
Project by Architettura Attuale [Cesaretti | Dedini | Di Lorenzo]
Supported by Zumtobel Italia

Architettura Attuale [Cesaretti | Dedini | Di Lorenzo] works on alternative criteria of design and interpretation of space based on the fusion between architecture, design and communication. The research process develops through the observation of day-to-day living, a direct and non-rhetorical source of inspiration, with a lateral vision which translates into a formal design project. The invisible, the essential, the detail and the context are the concepts that inspire this design approach.

_Paolo Cesaretti, architect and art director, explores with his work the concept of space as communication medium. ADI Design Index shortlisted in 2004 and 2008. Lecturer at SPD and Domus Academy, Milan.

_Antonella Dedini, architect, has worked for many years as editor for the magazine Ottagono and writes for Abitare and Domus. She is director of the Master Course in Interior and Living Design at the Domus Academy, Milan.

_Guendalina Di Lorenzo, architect with her own firm in Milan. She has worked with FIN Architects and Harper Mackay in London and Sottsass Associati in Milan. Lecturer at SPD and Domus Academy, Milan.