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29 Mar 2011

The Skaftfell & Dieter Roth Academy Workshop

Students from previous DRA/IAA workshops

The Skaftfell & D.R.A. Workshop in autumn 2011
Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art


The workshop is two weeks long. The workshop is available to groups of 8 undergraduate/graduate students. The 2011 workshop in October will be lead by Bjorn Roth, professor of the DRA. Registration deadline: May 2011

Thorunn Eymundardottir
+354 472 1632 / +354 869 5107
+354 472 1632

Skaftfell - Center for Visual Art
Austurvegur 42
710 Seydisfjordur

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The Skaftfell & Dieter Roth Academy Workshop

The core of the workshop is action; going from idea to a finished product in the span of two weeks in the small fishing village of Seydisfjordur located in the narrow East-fjords of Iceland.

During the two-week workshop the students will live and work in surroundings very different from the average academical environment. The program is based on intense field work, group discussions, lectures and independent project work conducted by a professor of the Dieter Roth Academy. The focus of the course is both conceptual and empirical, and both local and global. The studio is the whole fjord; its nature, history, inhabitants and atmosphere. The students are provided with working facilities at various workshops and industries in town, depending on their field of interest.

The final result is presented as an exhibition, an event of discussion, performances, publication or whatever method is appropriate for the group in question. The workshops professor will give all the students an independent evaluation.

Program objective

• The students will gain skills in working as artists outside of the academical environment, and outside of their natural environment.
• The student will gain experience and professional insight into a medium of choice by working with the towns' professional craftsmen and the professor of the workshop.
• The students will gain skills in working under pressure and going from an idea to a finished product in a short span of time.

The workshop is developed out of very successful ten year collaboration with the Icelandic Art Academy and the Dieter Roth Academy.

Registration should preferably be made by an Academy or by a group leader.