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14 Mar 2011

Postgraduate programme REALisation – Ceramic & Polymers

Fanny Liebereck / Graduated REAL 2010
Photography : Raphaël Rehm

Call for Applications
Geneva University of Art and Design


Deadline for applications: 13 May 2011


+41 22 388 51 00
+41 22 388 51 59

Geneva University of Art and Design
15 Bd James-Fazy
1201 Geneva

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The CERCCO is the Experimentation and Research Centre for Contemporary Ceramics of the Geneva University of Art and Design. It offers a Diploma of Advanced Studies REALisation – Ceramic & Polymers aimed at designers and artists wishing to complete their training and to acquire technic-al and aesthetic skills in the fields of ceramics and polymers. The conversion from the project to the physical reality lies at the core of the DAS REAL programme. A wide range of technical, artistic and communication skills is therefore proposed, favouring the realisation of specific and perti¬nent projects. The CERCCO provides access to exceptional technological equipment including workshops for ceramics and casting, as well as a rapid prototyping workshop, a printer equipped with the Ceramic-Laser-Copy-System, a 3D prototyping printer and a laser cutting machine.

Qualification awarded : Diploma of Advanced Studies (30 ECTS)
Duration : 2 semesters
Fees: 2200 CHF per semester