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11 Feb 2011

Call for Applications: maHKU, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Call for Applications
maHKU, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design


Masters of Arts in Fine Art Masters of Arts in Design (Pathways: Editorial Design, Fashion Communication Design, Interior Design, Public Space Design)

Jessica de Schipper

Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50
3582 VA Utrecht
The Netherlands

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maHKU Programs

maHKU offers one-year Master programs in visual art or design. These programs offer seminars, workshops, and tutorials where artists, architects, communication design professionals, curators, editorial designers, interior designers, philosophers, public space designers, and visual culture theorists share their knowledge, creativity, and professional and topical insights with maHKU students.

maHKU's Master programs focus on:

- professional depth
- development of discipline-specific discourses
- interdisciplinarity
- individual research trajectories
- expansion of knowledge in visual and theoretical work
- novel fields of artistic research

maHKU Students

maHKU students come from all over the world and from all continents. Their professional backgrounds are similarly diverse including fields such as architecture, editorial design, fashion communication, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, product design, public space design, fine art, and urban design. During the year, interdisciplinary seminars and workshops offer ample opportunity for students to meet all students enrolled in the Master programs.

maHKU Lecturers include

Tiong Ang (Fine Art), Annette W. Balkema (Critical Studies/Spatial Design), Ginette Blom (Spatial Design), Elsbeth Brouwer (Communication Design), Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan (Fine Art), Otto von Busch (Fashion Communication), Mariana Castillo Deball (Fine Art), Jeremiah Day (Researcher Fine Art), Hein Eberson (Communication Design), Yuri Engelhardt (Editorial Design), Jessica Gysel (Fashion Communication), Joost Grootens (Cross Disciplinary Studies), Mika Hannula (Fine Art Research in collaboration with Expodium, Platform for Young Art), Frank Havermans (Spatial Design), Jeanne van Heeswijk (Fine Art), Annette Heinen (Fashion Communication), Klaas Hoek (Fine Art), Anne Holtrop (Spatial Design), Jan Kaila (Fine Art), Dennis Kaspori (Spatial Design), Bert-Jan Kazimier (Communication Design), Rogier Klomp (Editorial Design), Irene Kopelman (Researcher Fine Art), Peter Leferink (Fashion Design), Metahaven (Communication Design), Marcus Miessen (Spatial Design in collaboration with Expodium, Platform for Young Art), Fokke Moerel (Spatial Design), Arjen Mulder (Critical Studies), Arjen Oosterman (Spatial Design), Liza May Post (Fine Art), Ronald Rietveld (Spatial Design), Henk Slager (Dean), Space&Matter (Spatial Design), Lars Spuybroek (Spatial Design), Jaap van Triest (Editorial Design), Steven Devleminck (Fine Art), ZUS (Spatial Design).

maHKU Platform

maHKU develops a series of (public) activities focusing on the expansion of the topical debate in the field of artistic research. The activities include the publication of maHKUzine, Journal of Artistic Research; and the organization of DARE (Dutch Artistic Research Event, Theme 2011: Temporary Autonomous Research) as well as the Utrecht Research Lectures.

maHKU Master of Arts Degrees

maHKU Master of Arts degrees are internationally acknowledged and accredited by the Open University Validation Services in London (OUVS).

Information and Application

Application and admission during the year. Ultimate deadline April 30, 2011

For more information and application see or