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10 Feb 2011

Call for proposals: RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt Book Series

RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt Book Series
Loughborough University


Call for proposals, new book series published by I B Tauris Deadline 31 March 2011

Gillian Whiteley
+44 (0)1509 228985

Loughborough University
School of the Arts Loughborough

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Title: RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt

Book series – call for proposals - as part of a commissioned series of books RadicalAesthetics-RadicalArt. Contact series editors for more details - Dr Jane Tormey and Dr Gillian Whiteley

Deadline: March 31st 2011

Description: This new series of books, to be published by I.B.Tauris, explores what aesthetics might mean in the twenty first century. We use the term 'radical' to promote debate, confront convention and formulate alternative ways of thinking about art practice. The fundamental premise of the series is to reconsider the relationship between practising art and thinking about art.

The series aims to liberate the notion of aesthetics from visual traditions and to expand its parameters in a creative and meaningful way. It aims to examine those multisensory, collaborative, participatory and transitory practices that have developed in the last twenty years. For further information about the RaRa project see website:

The first title commissioned for the series is Eco-Aesthetics by Malcolm Miles. Further titles may include for example Socio-political aesthetics, Global aesthetics, Inter-relational aesthetics. The commissioning editors invite submissions from authors/co-authors who can make a provocative contribution to these debates.

The series aims to:
• critique conventional approaches to thinking about art practice and aesthetics
• reconsider the interrelationships between theories and art practice on equal terms
• provide a useful resource to assist research and provoke discussion
• address current issues in response to contemporary contexts
• encourage an interdisciplinary approach to discussion
• survey recent and current material and debate

Each book (60-70,000 words) aims to provide a challenging critique as a useful resource to assist research and to generate discussion. In the case of each theme authors will:
• address its contemporary relevance
• outline relevant and key concepts
• provide historical and cultural background
• interrogate different theoretical positions
• address theory and practice
• provide comprehensive bibliography and glossary of terms

The series aims to provide a comprehensive discussion of developments in contemporary art practice, its interface with other disciplines in the humanities and the consequent re-evaluation of the term 'aesthetics'. The core readership would be an academic audience in the broad field of the fine arts, history of art, media and aesthetics. The secondary readership would be visual culture, philosophy and politics and extending across the humanities more generally. The book series will address international examples of practice and will therefore be global in scope.

Proposals should be 3 to 5 sides A4 and include:
• A statement outlining your theoretical position and interpretation of the theme
• Detailed synopsis
• Outline of each chapter content with reference to specific theories and examples of practice
• Indicative bibliography

Author details should include:
• CV –1 page A4 maximum
• Brief description of academic interests and professional affiliations
• A list of publications
• A sample of recent publication (e.g. article or chapter in book)

Proposals should be e-mailed to both series editors by the end of March and for further information regarding submission please contact: and