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14 Dec 2011

Zdenek Trs at DEA ORH, Prague

Zdenek Trs


Thursday 15th December 7pm - 9pm
Exhibition will run through January 21st 2012
Gallery Hours:
Monday to Saturday 11am - 7pm

Marko Brdarski
+420 776 737 677

Kozi 3
Prague 1
Czech Republic

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The Dea Orh Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent work by Zdeněk Trs.

Zdeněk Trs hyper realistic paintings employ an exquisite level of formalism unmatched by many artists of his age. His paintings are suggestive, showing objects and human torsos that are covered by a thin layer of fabric. Immaculately executed, delicate and simple, Trs' paintings are intimate, playing to the viewer's imagination of what lies beneath.

In addition, Dea Orh's downstairs space will feature a group exhibition of the latest works of the gallery artists Juraj Kollár, Jakub Špa?hel, Štefan Tóth, Evzen Šimera and Davorin Odic. The majority of the works on view were produced in 2011 and the exhibition is an exciting display of the evolving body of work of our gallery artists.

Dea Orh Gallery

DEA ORH gallery is one of the leading commercial galleries in the Czech Republic. It provides a strong platform for the promotion of emerging and established artists.

The exhibition will run from December 16th 2011 through January 21st 2012.